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Constance Zimmer & Colette @ P.S. ARTS “Express Yourself 2008”

Constance Zimmer posed with her 10-month-old daughter Colette at the P.S. ARTS “Express Yourself 2008” event, held on Sunday at Barker Hanger, Santa Monica, CA.

Zimmer, 38, who plays Dana Gordon on the hit HBO series Entourage, recently shared her secrets for losing her baby weight with OK! magazine. “I did a food program that’s called Fresh Mommy, which is all delivered organic food that’s really good for you. You need to eat so much food after you have a baby to breastfeed, so it’s all about portion control. I wore a weight vest when I walked, so it was an added four pounds of weight every time I walked.”

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Jessica Alba: ‘Honor Is The Love of My Life’

Jessica Alba: 'Honor Is The Love of My Life'

When Jessica Alba attended the Keep A Child Alive 5th Annual Black Ball last Thursday, all she could talk about was her 5-month-old daughter, Honor!

“Everything is cute, everything is fun,” the actress told PEOPLE, “including the explosive diarrhea – the best ever.”

Jessica credits little Honor with bringing her closer than ever to her husband, Cash Warren, saying that motherhood “brings family together. It brings friends together. It makes every decision that you make that much more important.”

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Jessica is now eagerly awaiting her daughter’s first word, saying, “I think she accidentally says ‘Mama’ when she’s crying,” says Alba. “But I don’t know if it is on purpose yet.”

Before first words, however, may come something most parents long for from the moment they bring the baby home – the time when they start sleeping through the night!

“It depends on what you think sleeping through the night is,” says Alba. “She gets a few bottles a night, yes. But she doesn’t wake up and want to hang out.

All in all, Jessica is in an extremely happy place – all thanks to her daughter. “She’s the love of my life. The love is profound. She gives everything more meaning.”

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Reese Witherspoon On Custody Over Christmas

Reese Witherspoon On Custody Over Christmas

Reese Witherspoon divorced ex-husband Ryan Phllippe last year, and as Christmas nears, the two of them are facing a dilemma that is fairly common nowadays – how to share custody of their two children, 9-year-old Ava and 5-year-old Deacon. For Reese, this means having “a lot of communication” with her ex-husband and “just being very open.”

“I think the most important thing is to be a grownup,” she says, “and not let any kind of feelings affect how you deal with your children. I’m very lucky in that we raise our kids to just be happy. I think the most important thing is the children. What do they want, what makes them feel comfortable?”

Reese’s new movie, Four Christmases, which focuses on the challenges of blended families, hit home not only on that front bit also on another – her character at first lacks any parental skills at all, something Reese experienced herself.

“When I first held my baby, Ava, [that] was the first time I’d ever held a baby in my life,” she said. “So I understand that sort of fear or not being a good mom. It took me a long time to feel really comfortable in the role of being a mother.”

And as for getting married again, Reese says she “doesn’t think about it much,”

“I [had] a certain idea what I thought marriage gives. Sometimes it doesn’t work out that way so you have to be open to whatever comes your way in life. … Love and relationships take all kinds of shapes and it’s not necessarily the ones you recognize.”

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    Mel B & Daughters Head Out

    Mel B & Daughters Head Out

    Spice Girl Melanie Brown jetted out of Heathrow airport on the way to Los Angeles yesterday. She brought her daughters Phoenix, 9 1/2, and Angel, 19 months. Phoenix’s dad is Jimmy Gulzar; Angel’s dad is Eddie Murphy.

    Mel B and husband Stephen Belafonte, who has a daughter of his own, Giselle, recently renewed their vows in Egypt.

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    Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

  • Jayden wears a C & C California Car Short Sleeve Tee in White – could only find the White L/S Tee – on sale for $18 and the Red S/S Henley – $46
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    Ricky Schroder & Family @ P.S. ARTS “Express Yourself 2008”

    Ricky Schroder, his wife and their two daughters, were spotted at the P.S. ARTS “Express Yourself 2008” event in Santa Monica on Sunday.

    The 38-year-old actor and his interior designer wife, Andrea Bernard, have four children: sons Holden (born 1992) and Luke (born 1993) and daughters Cambrie (born 1997) and Faith Anne (born 2001). Ricky recently recalled his eldest son’s dirt bike accident near their family home.

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