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Maggie Gyllenhaal: “Being A Mum Won’t Change My Film Choices”

“I’ve been lucky enough so far only to have to work on things that have interested me,” she says. “If Ramona sees them at some point, even if I have my clothes off, or if I’m playing a drug addict, as long as they’re about something and they’re worth making and they’re asking people who see the movie to think in a different way or open their minds or their hearts, then I’ll be proud for her to see it. I think it’s only if I start making choices based on things that I don’t think are honourable, then I’ll be ashamed for her to see the movie, but I don’t think the subject matter will have to change.”

Source: Virgin Media

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Justin Rose And Wife Expecting First Child

Source: Daily Mail

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Happy 5th Birthday Billy Ray!

Name: Billy Ray Burton

Birthday: 04 October 2003

Parents: Helena Bonham Carter & Tim Burton

Siblings: Sister Nell, 10 months

Fun facts:

• When Billy Ray was 3½, he was traumatised after the first few minutes of a preview of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when Harry’s Aunt blew up

• Billy Ray was born in LA but lives in London with his parents

Helena on Billy Ray,

“Billy and Tim are completely on par with their sense of humor because it’s all poo-poo jokes. Billy is four, so it’s perfect. Tim is 49, Johnny Depp is 44, and all three share the same sense of humor. Billy may soon mature past them. Not may, will ”

Visit here to see more of Billy Ray

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    Minnie Driver Shops For Henry

    Minnie Driver Shops For Henry

    Minnie Driver, who recently gave birth to her firstborn Henry, shops for clothes for the little tyke at Target in Hollywood. There’s a Target in Hollywood?!?!

    Photos: Flynet

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    Angelina Jolie @ NYC Party – Looking Stunning!

    Angelina Jolie @ NYC Party - Looking Stunning!

    Angelina Jolie was photographed at a private party for her new film, The Changeling, at Il Buco in New York City on Friday night. She just had twins 2 1/2 months ago! She looks amazing!!

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    Emma Bunton Talks To The Daily Mail

    Emma Bunton is the youngest of the Spice Girls, and she lives in London with her partner, Jade Jones; the two of them are raising their son Beau Lee, 14 months. She spoke to The Daily Mail about her life, her son and her future.

    On how being a mother changed her: “Having a child is the best thing I’ve ever done. When I walk into Beau’s nursery and see his smile, it’s like Christmas all over again. He has changed everything because it’s not about me any more. The other night, Jade and I were getting ready to go to a glitzy awards do. Pre-baby, we’d have had the music cranked up and have been swigging champagne, but there we were singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to Beau and worrying about what time my mum would arrive to babysit. We were laughing about how times had changed.”

    Click below to read about a possibly baby number two, marriage, and if the Spice Girls are done for good.

    On if they’re ready for number two: I’m really looking forward to having more children – but not just yet as I’m enjoying this time with Beau. It’s important to enjoy the moment and not always be rushing on to the next thing, especially because, for a long time, I thought I might never be a mum. When I was 25, I was diagnosed with endometriosis [a condition that can make it difficult to conceive]. It scared the life out of me.

    On marriage: It’s not on the agenda; we don’t even talk about it. We’ve been together for ten years and we’re so close – we share the childcare rather than have a nanny so we’re often together 24/7. I can honestly say that we’re really happy, so we don’t feel the need to formalize it.

    On if the Spice Girls are done for good now that the last of them is expecting: I think so. We’re all in our 30s now and, let’s face it, by then most people aren’t doing the same thing they were when they were 18, which is how old I was when I first met the girls. I’m ready to move forward.

    On if women can have it all: It’s hard to juggle, but it can be done. For every working mother, there’s this scary moment where you’ve got to put yourself back out there once you’ve had your baby. For me, it was tough going on tour three months after having Beau, and I don’t think I would put myself through that again. But that said, I was lucky in that Beau could come with me, so I didn’t have separation anxiety.

    Source: The Daily Mail

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