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Jill Halfpenny Welcomes Son

Strictly Come Dancing winner Jill Halfpenny and husband Craig Conway, both 32, have welcomed their first child, a boy named Harvey Reece.

The British actress, who has appeared in soaps Eastenders and Coronation Street and most recently drama Waterloo Road, gave birth three weeks ago but wanted to keep the birth a secret so they could get settled at their home in Stocksfield, UK. Jill’s mum Maureen said: “He’s a real cutie.”

Source: The Sun May 26, 2008 Pg. 3

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Pregnant Natascha McElhone Speaks Out On Husband’s Untimely Death

Actress Natascha McElhone recently wrote a moving tribute to her late spouse, Martin Kelly, in a British newspaper article.

Plastic surgeon Kelly died from a fatal heart condition and was found slumped on the doorstep of the couple’s London home on May 2nd of this year. Kelly died just a day after they celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.

The 38-year-old star of The Truman Show is pregnant with their third child. Her tribute reveals how she is still struggling to come to terms with her devastating loss.

She says in her article,

“I just can’t believe I won’t feel his skin any more, how is that possible? I loved him and touched him every day, and thank goodness I did… I can’t believe that magical, beautiful creature is not here any more. He was too good to be true….. He was the most unique father, as well. Always giving our beautiful ‘pups’ the alternate answer to any question, stimulating them, provoking them…I could write about him for the rest of my life. The part that saddens me most is that, whatever I can try to give my boys, their world for now has been halved, I cannot become him…”

Our hearts go out to Natascha and her family and we wish her strength during this pregnancy.

Source: Female First


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Celebrity Parents On Capital Hill

Several celebrities recently advocated for change on Capital Hill in the past 2 weeks for various good causes. In many cases, these celebrities also happen to be parents and want to see a better world for their children.

Sheryl Crow on Breast Cancer Research:

As we previously reported, Sheryl Crow, mother of 1, recently testified in front of the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s health subcommittee to support a bill funding breast cancer research. Crow emphasized that she does not have a family history of breast cancer, and said “I want to know what causes this disease. We need to put more resources into figuring out what the environment has to do with breast cancer.”

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Latest Dish

    Harlow Is Already A Good Charlotte Fan

    According to proud papa, Joel Madden of Good Charlotte, nursery rhymes seem a bit juvenile for 4 month-old Baby Harlow,

    “She likes Good Charlotte. And she likes her granddad [Lionel Richie]’s music. She likes old stuff. She’s a Cure fan … She likes The Cure.” Joel added thatt Harlow already moves to the music, “Oh, yeah,” he said. She kicks her legs.” He went on to say that one of his favorite things to do with Harlow is “listen to music and change diapers.”

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    Are Madonna And Guy On The Rocks?

    Are Madonna and Guy Ritchie negotiating a trial separation? The rumors don’t seem to be going away for these famous parents. The power-couple appeared at the Cannes Film Festival last week. However, reports continue swirling that their seven-year marriage is on the rocks.

    As one observer put it, the couple didn’t look too happy at Madge’s documentary premiere,

    “They did not look like two people who were very happy in each other’s company. She looked frail and pale, like someone under tremendous strain, and he seemed utterly miserable.”

    Sources close to the couple say they have been living virtually separate lives since the start of the year. Apparently, Madonna is planning to move back to New York.

    Madonna admitted in an MTV documentary that she,

    “got married for all the wrong reasons. She added. My husband did not turn out to be everything I imagined him to be…I wanted to end everything.”

    Source & Photo: The Daily Mail

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    Carmen Hopes To Be A Mom

    Carmen Electra, who is newly-engaged to musician Rob Patterson, recently said that she hopes to be a mom one day,

    “I hope to be a mom some day, but I’m not rushing to be one. It would be a lot of fun. A lot of hard work, but I’ll look forward to it someday.”

    Carmen, born to the name of Tara Leigh Patrick, lost her own mother at the age of 26 to a brain tumor.

    Source: PEOPLE

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