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Lynne Spears Talks About Jamie Lynn & Maddie

Lynne Spears recently sat down with OK! magazine to discuss the birth of her third grandchild, Maddie Briann. Lynne credits Jamie Lynn for being very mature and responsible, regardless of the fact that she’s only 17 years-old.

On how Jamie Lynn has handled the pregnancy: “She’s been totally responsible. She is an old soul and very wise at such a young age.”

On her biggest concerns for Jamie Lynn as she approached her due date: “We have a history of difficult labors, and I didn’t want her to be terrified and never want to have another baby because mine were traumatic. I really worried about that, but my goodness, she just flew right on through it.”

On the first moment she saw Jamie Lynn, Maddie and Casey together: “Oh, my god. That is one of your most precious moments ever. Just that sight. It is indescribable.”

On what her grandchildren call her: “I started out being Nonnie, but it turned into Me-Ma.”

On what kind of mom Jamie Lynn is going to be: “A very good mom. She’s warm and nurturing. And the most fun time will be when she’s the soccer mom, the carpool mom. That was the most fun I had as a mother.”

On her plans to babysite Baby Maddie: “It’s too soon for that yet with an itty-bitty baby, but I’ll go over as often as she wants and help with the dishes or the laundry. I’m always ready for my phone call.”

Source: OK!

Photo: OK!

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Celine & Rene-Charles In Monaco

Celine & Rene-Charles In Monaco

Source : Bauer Griffin

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Liv & Milo Visit The Pediatrician

Liv & Milo Visit The Pediatrician

Liv Tyler and her son, Milo Langdon, 3 1/2, were spotted heading to the pediatrician today in Tribeca, NYC.

Photo: FAME

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    Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Is Craving The Green Stuff!

    Green Olives and Pickles!! Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz spoke about Ashlee’s cravings yesterday on the KIIS-FM radio show, with Ryan Seacrest.

    “Green olives on everything!” He called her cravings an “anytime kind-of-thing. You always have to be ready.”

    Pete went on to talk about the pregnancy and how it has changed his view on writing. He said the pregnancy is “really, really exciting.

    “I heard women become mothers when they become pregnant, and boys become fathers when the baby is born. So I don’t feel all the physical things, but when I’m in the doctor’s office, I freak out. It’s … crazy because it’s this thing you made. Expecting a kid has also affected the way I’m writing. It’s affected my perspective on the world. I care less about stupid things, petty feuds”

    Pete and Ashlee still don’t know the sex of the baby but are hoping to find out at the next ultra-sound!

    Source: Us Magazine

    Photo: Flynet 7/3

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    Matt & Camila’s New Fortune For Pictures Of Baby Levi?

    Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves have reportedly sold photos of their new son, Levi, for $3 million. Matthew and Camila are said to have signed a deal with OK! magazine to publish the first pictures of their little boy. Apparently, OK! has also secured the rights to the couple’s wedding snaps, should they ever tie the knot. Matt’s rep is not commenting on the deal.

    Meanwhile, Matthew’s mother, Mary Kathleen, said her son was “over the moon” by the birth of Levi. She said,

    “I think it’s excellent that men are allowed in the room when women give birth. He loves Camila, but now he really sees how strong she is.”

    In related news, we just reported that pictures for Jessica Alba’s little Honor Marie are reportedly being sold for $1.5 million.

    Source: Female First

    Photo: Flynet, June 30

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    Heidi Says Seal Is A “Wonderful Daddy”

    Heidi Klum has been spotted all over town with her parents and three adorable children. She recently stated that Seal is a wonderful father to their kids,

    “Seal is a wonderful daddy. He never minded changing diapers, he loves to sing lullabies and he’s always 100% there. We have that in common as parents. I had a very normal childhood with my brother and my parents who are still together. We were always very close and would talk to each other about what we did during the day. I think it’s important to try to keep that in a family.”

    Source: Parade

    Photo: Bauer-Griffin

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