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Kate’s Got it Under Control


Kate Winslet can’t stand the size 0 Hollywood.  She plans to keep her curves and not give in to the pressure.

“I don’t really remember sitting down and eating packets and packets of [cookies]. But at that time I remember making a conscious decision about the whole skinny thing. Being a normal shape – and I hate to sound like a cracked record – is really, really important to me. Especially now, when I think it’s pretty out of control in the industry and kind of terrifying.”

She now plans to take a year long sabbatical to spend time with her family.  Especially after playing a disconnected mother in her latest film.

“It was very trying to play a mother who basically couldn’t feel close to or look after the needs of her child. It was disturbing to put myself into that woman’s head and it made me all the more aware of my own responsibilities as a mother.”

She really has it all together.  Kate Winslet is one of my favorite actresses.


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Is Heidi Drinking Wine?


It looks like Heidi is enjoying a glass of red wine as she has lunch with"Flying Tomato," Olympic snowboarder Shaun White.  She is in her last trimester with only weeks to go. Doctors do tell you one glass of wine here or there won’t hurt the baby at that point.  What do you think?


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Ryan Talks About His Family


We all are intrigued by the Phillippe-Witherspoon family.  They are one of Hollywood’s hottest couples.  Wouldn’t it be great to be a fly on the wall in their home. 

It was clear that at Ryan’s premiere of Flags of our Fathers they were no doubt pissed off at each other.  Well, there is nothing wrong with that.  It only makes them seem more normal to us observers.  Here is a recent expert form his interview with Interview magazine:

Flags of Our Fathers star Ryan Phillippe hasn’t worked with wife Reese Witherspoon since 1999’s Cruel Intentions (they met on set), but, he says, it’s better that way.

“Sometimes I think it’s a little cleaner to, at least at this stage in our lives, keep that stuff separate,” he tells Interview magazine in its new issue. “I’d never write anything off completely, but I just feel like there’s something to be said for the individuality and mystery of doing things on your own.”

Phillippe, 32, says he’ll never get used to working away from Witherspoon and their kids Ava, 7, and Deacon, 3. “That’s a difficulty that I don’t know if I will ever totally come to terms with. But I think I commit sometimes even further to a role because it leaves me less time to think about those things that make me feel sad, like not being around my children.”

Immersing himself in his role, he says, serves as “a shield or a protective blanket that keeps me from having to deal with the reality. If I can’t see my kids, and I’m in another time zone, I really have to live and eat and breathe the work around the clock, because that keeps me sane.”

Asked if he distances himself from Witherspoon when they talk on the phone, he says, “At times, yes. But because she does the same work, she completely understands.”

The couple makes sure that if one parent is making a movie, the other will remain at home with the kids. “That’s one of the ways we keep the balance,” Phillippe says.

But, he admits, “There are obstacles in every family. … It’s never going to be perfect – you just try to do the best you can and to create a life that is positive and full for them.”

He goes on to say that his daughter Ava gives him more grief than Reese:

"Ava just turned 7 and just started first grade," he says. "I’ve been down in Austin making this movie (an untitled film about Iraq directed by Kimberly Peirce), so I had the whole conversation with her where I’m getting guilted. She’s like, ‘You’ve missed my first day of school two years in a row.’ She gives me a harder time than Reese, by far."

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Lisa Rinna & Daughters


Lisa Rinna and daughters Amelia Hamlin, 5 and Delilah Hamlin, 8 dress up as pirates to attend the 14th Annual camp Ronald McDonald Halloween Carnival

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Protect A Bub Stroller Inserts

Protectabubusa Summer is long gone, it’s time to prepare for those chilly outings with your little one.  Finally there is a fashion trend that provides warmth, style, and comfort for your baby.  These lambswool stroller inserts by Protect A Bub are a must-have for all babies!  And the best part is they fit all strollers.  Stop struggling with big bulky snowsuits, and keep your baby snug with our favorites:

Snugglebubblackfull1_7 Snuggle your baby in the Snuggle Bub lambswool stroller insert made from 100% Australian lambs wool. Unlike products made from sherpa, an acrylic imitation wool, genuine lambswool keeps your baby comfortable naturally. The Snuggle Bub is like a baby bunting bag that attaches right to your jogger or stroller! And for added protection, the outside of the Snuggle Bub is water resistant. 

The Snuggle Bub stroller insert fits all strollers.  Available sizes: Small (birth to 12 months) and Large (12 months to 4 years) Available colors: Black or Navy with peach skin fabric backing.  Jennifer Garner has one for baby Violet $69.95 small $80 large


The plush Shearling Snuggle Bub is made from a luxurious, silky-soft shearling fleece that is extra thick for comfort and warmth.   Fits sizes Birth – 4 years.  Available colors: Navy or Black $44.95


Little Lamb Lambswool Stroller Liner, is a naturally breathable insulator, that keeps baby warm without overheating.  According to medical studies, lambswool has a soothing, swaddling effect resulting in better sleep and reduced stress.  Used in preemie nurseries to encourage rapid growth and development.  Absorbs moisture in hot weather, leaving baby dry and comfortable.  $44.95

Protect A Bub is offering CelebrityBabyScoop readers 10% off.  Use code CELEB10 at checkout!


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A Very Pregnant Heidi



Model Heidi Klum, 33 has made being pregnant seem so glamorous!  She carries so well…She is on her way to dine with a friend at the exclusive Italian restaurant, Orso.  Heidi is due with baby number three sometime next month.


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