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Isaac Hanson & Wife Nikki Welcome A Baby Boy!

Isaac Hanson and his wife Nikki welcomed their second son – James ‘Monroe’ Hanson, on July 1. James weighed 8 lbs., 11 oz., and joins big brother Clark ‘Everett’ Hanson, 1. Isaac told PEOPLE,

“The addition of Monroe to our family is incredible and exciting. With Monroe and Everett being so close in age, it will be great to watch them grow up together.” [he added] “Two little boys is going to be twice the fun.”

The Hanson clan is getting big! The middle Hanson Taylor has three kids and the youngest Hanson, Zac, and his wife recently had their first child, John Ira Shepherd Hanson.

Source: People

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Update: Charlotte Church With Baby Ruby – Interview & Photos Added

Update: Charlotte Church With Baby Ruby - Interview & Photos Added

Interview & More Pictures Below

On having suspicions about being pregnant again:

Charlotte: “Not at all! My hips were really, really sore and that made me check. I’d just started going on the cross trainer in Gav’s gym and for the rest of the day I was absolutely killing. I thought, hang on this reminds me of the latter stages of pregnancy. I’ll just check, but I’m definitely not. It was a nice sunny day and Gavin was sat with his leg in plaster and I went out and said: ‘You’ll never guess what – I’m only pregnant again!'”

On being shocked at the news:

Gavin: “A little bit. We didn’t plan for it to happen but I’m really happy it did. We like being young parents, so if we’re planning on having quite a few then we need to get started!”

On how many children they want:

C: “Maybe four to six now!”

G: “Or six to eight.”

C: “We’d like to have two close together, then a gap, then another two close together.”

On feeling sick during pregnancy:

C: “I felt sick all the time last time but this time I’ve been great.”

On pregnancy cravings:

C: “Actually just nice fresh salads, which is better than lasagne which is what I craved last time! Lasagne and spaghetti bolognese.”

On preference for which sex:

C: “Not at all.”

G: “I’m not bothered. We’re young and we’ve got plenty of time to keep going for a boy. Hopefully we will at some point, though.”

On Charlotte regaining her pre-pregnancy body:

C: “I was just beginning to get my body back and I was doing quite well – I wasn’t far off my pre-pregnancy weight, which was nine and a half stone. It’s a natural process, though, so I’m not too bothered. I’m not looking forward to getting a big fat face and arms again but it’s what women are made for and if you can’t indulge yourself during pregnancy, when can you?”

On taking Ruby to work:

C:“Yes. She’s doing a new thing every single day and I don’t want to miss anything. I really miss her if I haven’t seen her for a couple of hours. She’s getting to be more of a daddy’s girl now, though, as well, which I love. He’s had a leg in plaster because he tore the ligaments in his foot so he’s been home a lot and she’s used to having him here now. He’s absolutely brilliant with her. I knew he would be good but I didn’t realise he’d be this good.”

On Ruby reacting to the new baby:

C: “Well she’s really happy-go-lucky so hopefully she will be fine. The only thing is she gets constant attention because she is so lush. Everyone always comments on what a happy child she is – she’s always smiling and content.

G: “She only really cries when she’s about to go to sleep and if she’s a bit moany in the day we just take her outside and show her the animals because we have dogs, chickens, geese and sheep and she’s fascinated by them. She chases the dogs round in her walker.”

C: “She terrorises them! She knows just how to corner them, you see this glint in her eye. They’re definitely wary of her!”

O who Ruby takes after:

C: “She’s quite tough and that’s like both of us – if she falls over she doesn’t really cry, she looks a bit surprised and then just carries on.”

G: “She likes all her fruit and vegetables and she definitely gets that from me!”

C: “She used to love mashed avocado, now she’ll eat strawberries and bananas and broccoli heads! She’s got no teeth yet, though.”

On getting a nanny:

C: “Never! Although ask me again when we’ve got four!”

G: “I don’t think it would ever come to that. We’ve got a lot of help with all four grandparents and they all live nearby.”

Source: OK! Magazine – Issue 631 – July 15 2008 – Pg 44-67

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Christie Brinkley Awarded Sole Custody Of Children

After a marathon negotiating session to end their 10-year marriage, the ugly divorce trial between Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook finally ended at 6 a.m. this morning.

The main issue being resolved was custody of the couple’s two children, Jack, 13, and Sailor, 10. Christie was awarded sole custody and final decision-making power over the children. Cook is permitted visitation and will be consulted regarding decisions about the children. Christie also retained ownership of all real estate holdings and her boat “Sweet Freedom.” She agreed to pay Cook a flat amount of $2.1 million, which mainly covered his legal costs. The rest of the terms remain confidential.

The five-day trial included a string of witnesses and allegations against Peter’s pornography addiction, his infidelities and his overall unstable nature.

Source: The New York Post

Photo: Bauer-Griffin, June 26

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Latest Dish

    Alex James: “We’re Having A Girl!”

    Former Blur bassist Alex James talked to OK! Magazine about family life and living on a farm in the Cotswolds, UK. Alex, 39, lives with his wife Claire and their three sons: Geronimo, four, and two-year-old twins Artemis (curlier hair) and Galileo. The couple are currently expecting their fourth child.

    On knowing the sex:

    Alex: “We’re having a girl! We pretended not to be really excited about the news that we were having a girl, but we secretly were!”

    On the possibility of another pair of twins:

    Claire: “We braced ourselves for another set of twins. But after the first scan we worked out quite quickly that it was just one. The twins have really been a lot of effort and work because they were premature. They’re double the trouble but they entertain each other as well.”

    On considering a more simple name:

    Alex: “I don’t know, I think you’ve got to have a look at them before you know what they’re called. We quite like Sophie, although I don’t think we’ll get that past the board of censors – especially Geronimo. There’s a shortlist. I quite like Boudica.”

    On drinking his wife’s breast milk:

    Alex: “When the twins were born it was very traumatic as we didn’t know whether they were going to make it as they were so premature. So after we finally got them home, Claire had a night out with friends and got totally wasted. We had this particularly fearsome maternity nurse who told us Claire’s milk was condemned. I thought, we can’t throw that away, so I tried it – I had some on my cornflakes as well!”

    Source: OK! Magazine – Issue 631 – July 15th 2008 – Pg 98-105

    Scans by Celebrity Baby Scoop

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    Jessica Alba In Cosmo

    Jessica Alba just gave birth to her dauther, Honor Marie, last month and opened up about pregnancy in the August U.K. edition of Cosmopolitan magazine,

    “I never felt less sexy,” Jessica said of her own pregnancy. “I mean, I wouldn’t have changed it for the world … but I wanted to get rid of all the weight.”

    Jessica also commented on her relationship with hubby Cash Warren,

    “I never thought I’d find a man before 30, let alone marry him and have his baby. I always used to meet the wrong guys – the ones who wanted to hang out for a week and see how far they could get. If you didn’t have sex in the first few days, you were either frigid or a lesbian. So I held out – and, boy, am I glad I did!”

    As for her quickie wedding to Cash, she insists it was “very romantic” and she never had the desire for a star-studded, over-the-top ceremony,

    “We’re not a typical Hollywood couple,” she said. “I love that he’s not an actor. I’m way too high maintenance to be in a relationship with an actor – they’re all such divas!” She went on to say they hadn’t planned on settling down so quickly, “Nothing was planned – the pregnancy or the wedding. But he took it in his stride and convinced me we’d conquer all!”

    Source: People & Cosmopolitan

    Photo: Cosmopolitan

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    Jennifer Garner Out & About With Violet

    Jennifer Garner Out & About With Violet

    Actress Jennifer Garner and daughter Violet, went on a lunch date to Giggles and Hugs, in Brentwood, Ca. It’s great that Jennifer takes Violet our for some “mommy and me” time! I think it’s a good tradition to start with kids at a young age.

    The rumor is out that Jen may be pregnant again…we shall see if that rumor comes to fruition in the coming months!!

    Photo: FAME

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