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Cute Pic of Teri & Emerson


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David Arquette & Coco at Disneyland


David Arquette and daughter Coco, 2 have some fun together at Disneyland.

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Hugh Jackman & daughter Ava


Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra- Lee Furness, dote all over their adorable 18-month daughter Ava at the beach in the Caribean, Dec. 24.

The couple suffered through two miscarriages, after which they adopted two children, son Oscar Maximillian, 6,  and daughter Ava Eliot 18-months. 

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Zahara at the beach

Zaharajoliepittbeach01 Zaharajoliepittbeach02 Zaharajoliepittbeach04

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Sally & Calista


Celebrity moms Calista Flockhart and Sally Field are on "Brothers & Sisters." Sally tries to zip through scenes quickly so Flockhart can get home to son Liam: "We talk about Liam (5) a lot. Calista and I will look at each other and I know we’re going to get through a scene as quick as we can because she needs to get home to put him to bed. Many times I’ve leaned over and said, ‘I’m gonna get you out of here!’ We’ll do it in one or two takes, then I say, ‘Go, go, go!"

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Camryn Manheim on son Milo


Camryn Manheim is currently on the t.v. show "The Ghost Wisperer." Manheim states: "In order to honor single mothers in particular and working mothers all around the world, I have to say, the television industry is particularly compassionate to mothers and children. Milo’s (6) been with me [on set] since he was born." "Milo is now in school, so depending on my schedule, if I can grab him after school, he can come and visit. He has the biggest crush in the world on Jennifer Love Hewitt."

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