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Angelina Jolie On Parenting With Brad & Shiloh’s Playdate

Angelina Jolie appeared on the Today Show this morning, and Matt Lauer had some questions for her. One of the first was, of course, if she and partner Brad Pitt have plans to adopt more children,

“Yeah,” Jolie, 33, said. “I have something in mind.”

As for if it’s something they’ll do soon,

“It depends…you can’t even start the process until any new children are six months old, to understand how the new family has settled, to see what you can absorb into a family,” Jolie said. “And I think it’s a smart thing anyway, to understand when it’s the right tome to bring another child in.” (There are at least ten months between every addition to the family to date.)

Matt also asked if bringing home two babies was “foundation-shocking” as opposed to bringing home just one,

“You know, we have so many children, they’re not really stunned anymore when kids come home.”

And someone asked in particular about the oldest Jolie-Pitt, 7-year-old Maddox, who has by now welcomed five new siblings in three years: Zahara, now 3 1/2, in 2005; Shiloh, now 2, in 2006; Pax, now almost 5, in 2007; and 3-month-old twins Knox and Vivienne just this year,

“Mad’s like the professional big brother, he’s done it so many times. We prepared them, we talked to them about it, they knew it was coming. And they are just all at that great age where they aren’t threatened. That they are independent enough to not need mommy and daddy all the time, and to be able to enjoy the kids. They play with them, they change their diapers, they call them their babies, and they dress them up and you know, they have fun with them,” Jolie says.

Click below to read about Shiloh’s playdate, what she and Brad disagree on as parents, and a video link.

When asked if she and partner Brad Pitt are on the same page when it comes to parenting, Angelina says that they pretty much are,

“Yeah, pretty much. We are, but we also know that there are certain things that are important to him and there are certain things that are important to me, and we respect that if we’re different, but if something really matters to us…”

When asked for an example, Angelina answered,

“Oh God…I don’t…there isn’t really a great example of where we’re different. It could just be one specific thing where in the middle of the night one of them wants to come into our bed, you know, and we weigh whether or not, ‘Alright, let them come in’ or ‘Well, they did last night’ or ‘Well, it’s becoming too much of a habit’ or they didn’t knock and we really want them to, you know, understand our personal space. And then, but we both, usually, by the end of the day kind of say, ‘Oh, they’re so cute, just let them in.’”

Matt also asked what the transition from underdeveloped nations to French chateaus is like, and Angelina answered,

“For anybody it’s a shock where you go to a place where you’re surrounded by violence and poverty. No matter what you have – we have so many people in this country have so much more; we’re not running for our lives every day. So for anyone it would be a big shock. Certainly we live in two extremes, but we wake up every day as parents of children from around the world whose backgrounds would’ve been similar to the street children we see, so there isn’t as much of a divide as we wake up as a mommy and a daddy and we want the children to see all different sides of the world, want them to be responsible, but also be able to enjoy their life and the privileges they have and not to feel ashamed of them but embrace them, and if they can have better schooling, you know, then give them everything we can possibly give them. Never spoil them and never let them forget how fortunate they are. And make sure they always keep one foot in the other side of the world, and knowing that they should give back.”

And, when asked if she and Brad have ever “discussed a place where, if they had to stay put for ten years, that would be the place, a place to just stop and settle,”

“No. The children will probably dictate. We talk about one day, they’ll probably want to stay in one place for a very long time, as they start to get certain friends. So far we’ve just moved them a lot. They like moving, they like packing their bags before the next adventure, and like making new friends wherever we go. I think…we’d like to maintain that…we’d like them to be those kind of adults, where they can find home wherever they are in the world, where they can find friends wherever they are in the world. There’s something to that that I think is important to teach them that as they grow. So we’re more focused on that than where we’re going to settle.” Jolie says.

And a recent interview with Britain’s Hello! magazine seems to support that the kids, who are currently in Berlin while Brad gets ready to shoot Inglorious Bastards, are making friends and handling things just fine,

“We’ve only been there a week, but there’s lots of great stuff for children in Berlin which I didn’t even know about – children’s gymnasiums, indoor playgrounds, zoos. It’s a great place for a family, and the kids are already picking up some German. Certainly Shiloh is – she went on a playdate, and she kept saying ‘Nein, nein, nein,’ so at least she knows that word!”

And, when asked if she still felt she was better off alone as she once said she thought she was, she answered,

“I’ve met the right person, and I’m not going to say anything that’s going to embarrass me, but I don’t like being without him,” Jolie says. “I don’t like being alone like I used to be.”

Watch the interview here.

Sources: NBC, Hello print edition, Oct. 22, via celebitchy.


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