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Kevin Bacon’s Greatest Hopes For His Kids

With a movie coming out this winter in which he plays President Richard Nixon’s chief of staff, and his fifth album with his band, the Bacon Brothers, coming out next month, Kevin Bacon has a lot to be grateful for. Kevin’s greatest pride and joy is his family of four. Kevin recently revealed how he knew his gorgeous wife, Kyra Sedgwick, was the one for him. He also talked about his greatest hopes for their two children, 19-year-old Travis and 16-year-old Sosie.

On how he knew Kyra was “the one” for him: “When I look back, the thing that blows my mind is how young she was when we met. But she had this wisdom. With a lot of actors, you’ve got to chip through the surface to see who the real person is. But she didn’t have any of that. She was this very tough, smart, very real person, incredibly emotional and passionate. It didn’t seem weird to me that we were getting married and having kids so quickly.”

On his greatest hopes for their 2 kids: “[I want them to know] That there are many different kinds of success. If you are a compassionate human being who can relate to a lot of different kinds of people and cares about the world outside of [your] own sphere, then that’s a tremendous success. Our kids could go off and be actors or singers or work at McDonald’s for the rest of their lives if I felt they were truly happy.”

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Gabrielle Reece’s Workout Secrets

Gabrielle Reece, the 38-year-old professional volleyball player and model is now a mother of two girls, 7-month-old Brody and 4-year-old Reece. Gabrielle recently revealed her secrets for staying in such great shape.

On how she got her pre-pregnancy body back: “I train really hard. You’ve got to take the emotional part out of it. Committing to exercise is sort of like a marriage. Sometimes you think, `I don’t want to talk to you or be around you,’ but then you communicate and resolve [it].”

On what she thinks keeps people from going to the gym: “Women especially don’t put as great a value on themselves. They take care of other people. Your health and feeling good about yourself is really critical. Exercise isn’t about being thin. There really is chemical stuff that happens — it helps you stay sane.”

On if she takes days off: “Sure. There are days when I take a shower and put my gym clothes on and then walk around in them the whole day.”

On how she prepares for a workout: “I’ll have a protein smoothie in the morning with hemp milk or frozen fruit. If I’m feeling racy I’ll add some almond butter so I can really bust my butt.”

On what she does once at the gym: “I try to spice it up: Circuit training, swimming and hiking on this giant sand dune near my house. If I’m hard pressed I’ll run on the machines.”

On if she has any tips for the less-than-motivated: “Somehow use your environment. If all you have is 30 minutes, take a walk down your block. Don’t do the same thing. It’s like eating dry white toast every day for breakfast. You’ll get bored.”

On if she works out with her husband, Laird Hamilton: “We keep it kind of separate. We’re both too bossy, with chiefy personalities. For us, it’s work.”

On her ultimate vice: “I’m not a drinker or smoker kind of deal so I’d have to say chocolate. Not cake or cookies, just a good piece of chocolate, full on.”

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Source: Miami Herald

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