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Victoria Beckham on Regis & Kelly

Victoria Beckham, who is mom to three boys – Brooklyn, 9, Romeo, 6, and Cruz, 3 – spoke to Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa on Regis and Kelly about her boys and her husband, David Beckham.

On the move from England to America: “We love England, that is where we are from and where our family and friends are, but for us, to be here, its great. The American public have welcomed us so much, we are so grateful and we love it.”

On if her boys still have their ‘cute British accents’: “They are getting American accents. I think it is really cute. They have a great school, they play a lot of sports and the opportunities here in America are fantastic.”

Click below to read about Posh’s feelings about David and how the paparazzi affect her life.

On how the paparazzi affect her life: “I think it is pretty crazy everywhere. I would never complain about paparazzi intrusion, I have put myself in this position, I am a celebrity and so is David. It is tricky when the kids are around, and sometime the paparazzi do get violent and drive dangerously and it is not fair on the kids. That is the sad thing about it.”

On if she still gets ‘that feeling’ in the pit of her stomach when she sees David: “Yeah, I do. We spend a lot of time together, we go on date nights we go away together, we love our kids and everything we do revolves around the children, but we spend a lot of time together, which I think is really important. I love him more now than I did when I first met him all those years ago. We are very lucky to have each other. We really compliment each other. Everyone says “God David is so good looking” and I’m funny, and it is cool to be funny. I tell David that looks will fade.’We do everything together, we have three gorgeous boys and we are happy to be here in America, we love America.”

Source: DailyMail

Photo: Fame, 9/5

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Matilda Ledger Will Inherit Heath’s Estate

Matilda Ledger Will Inherit Heath's Estate

Matilda Rose Ledger, turns 3 on October 28, will inherit her father’s entire estate, Heath’s father Kim says. When Heath died in January, he had not yet updated his will to include his daughter. The beneficiaries listed were his parents and his sisters, and many people wondered whether Heath’s family, or even Matilda’s mother, Michelle Williams, would make a claim on the actor’s estate. But Kim says,

“There is no claim. Our family has gifted everything to Matilda. That was the plan from the moment my boy passed away. There was never any question about the fact that Heath’s estate would go to Matilda. Never a question. We are very close to Michelle and Matilda.”

Heath’s estate is estimated to be about $16.6 million US dollars.

Source: Yahoo; People

Photo: Pacific Coast News 8/29

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Happy 5th Birthday Pilot Inspektor!

Name: Pilot Inspektor Riesgraf Lee

Birthday: 28 September 2003

Parents: Jason Lee & Beth Riesgraf

Siblings: One half-sister

Fun facts:

• Both his parents are members of the church of Scientology and his name is said to have a meaning in Scientology texts

• His name was widely criticized and often makes the weirdest baby name lists!

Jason on Pilot,

“The opening track, ‘He’s Simple, He’s Dumb, He’s the Pilot,’ absolutely blew my mind when I first heard it,” Lee told Entertainment Weekly. “It was from this track that my wife, Beth, came up with the name Pilot for our son.”

Visit here to see more of Pilot Inspektor

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    Liv & Milo Land At LAX

    Liv & Milo Land At LAX

    Liv Tyler arrives at LAX with an assistant, her dog, and her 3 1/2-year-old son Milo. Milo relaxed on a cart and enjoyed a sucker while Mom navigated them through the airport, holding both the dog’s leash and the toy Milo was playing with when they left for the airport in New York City.

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    Meg Ryan, Laura Dern & Daughters @ Toy Crazy

    Meg Ryan, Laura Dern & Daughters @ Toy Crazy

    Meg Ryan and Laura Dern take their 3 1/2-year-old daughters, Daisy and Jaya, to Toy Crazy at the Brentwood Country Mart on Saturday. Both Daisy and Jaya got board games and held hands as they left.

    Photos: Flynet

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    Katie & Suri Rushing About In NYC

    Katie & Suri Rushing About In NYC

    Katie Holmes continues to lead a busy schedule as she heads out to perform in the Broadway play, All My Sons, with her 2-year-old daughter, Suri, in tow.

    Photos: Splash

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