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Jeri Ryan & Son Attend Premiere Of Max Payne

Actress Jeri Ryan and her 14-year-old son, Alex, left the Grauman’s Chinese Theater after attending the premiere of the new Mark Wahlberg movie Max Payne.

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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Did You See…?

Gwen, Gavin and Kingston at the pumpkin patch. (X17 video)

Tori Spelling and Tobey Maguire at the pumpkin patch. (X17 videos)

Britney Spears cuddling Jayden at daycare. (JFX Online pics)

Brooke Burke and her 7-month-old son, Shaya.

The first pictures of 2-year-old Chance Combs, P. Diddy’s “lovechild.” His twins are 3 months younger than she is.

Denise Richards picks up Sam and Lola from school. (X17 pics)

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Angelina Jolie: ‘KFP Is A Hit In The House’

Angelina Jolie has a history of making films that aren’t the most kid-friendly, so it’s a good thing that one of her only G-rated movies, Kung Fu Panda, is a big hit in her house. (The other one is 2004’s Shark Tale, but when son Maddox, then 3, saw the movie, he didn’t believe it was really his mom’s voice.)

“It’s a big hit in the house,” she said. “Jack Black is like De Niro to the kids.”

Angelina plans to reprise her vocal performance as Tigress in the sequel, due out in 2011, and after that, she said, she’ll stay home for another full year. For the past several months, since the twins were born, the older kids have been home-schooled, “and they’ve had Mommy and Daddy every day for every meal, and they’ve been very close to us.”

However, Angelina also says that deciding to take a job, kid-friendly or not, is “really hard”

“Who’s in school at that time? How can I be sure I don’t do too many long hours? Can the three youngest be on the set every day? As long as I can still be with my family, it’s fun,” she added. “But I only want to do that, and I’m not looking for anything else.”

And she and Brad have not yet completed their family, which includes Maddox, 7, Pax, 5 in November, Zahara, 3 1/2, Shiloh, 2, and 3-month-old twins Knox and Vivienne.

“Oh, no,” she said happily. “I mean, I know we seem crazy, just bringing them in one after the other, but we do plan. We make sure one is absorbed completely into the family before we add another. There are moments when we look at everyone around the dinner table, and it’s just crazy, but our family is the greatest thing we’ve done in our lives.”

And although she worries that one day soon Maddox, who is now old enough to use the internet, will “look up my name and see some kind of sexy pictures or read a story about himself that isn’t true”, she is eager for the day when she can put Mr. and Mrs. Smith in the DVD player at home.

“Not a lot of people get to see a movie where their parents fell in love. What’s going to be funny is when they think Mom and Dad are a little bit cool,” she added. “Because right now, we’re not cool Mom and Dad. Even video games, you know, it’s: ‘Mom, you can’t play this. You won’t know how.’ Oh, they all think I can’t do anything, that I’m just there to snuggle with. But the other day Madd said, ‘Can you do a cartwheel?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I can.’ And he was like, ‘Wow, Mom.’ And I thought: ‘Oh, yeah. I can do some things. You wait. You’ll find out. I’m capable.'”

Sources: New York Times

Photo: GABO/

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    Giada De Laurentiis Trying To Balance Career & Motherhood

    Giada De Laurentiis Trying To Balance Career & Motherhood

    Food Network host and celebrity chef, Giada De Laurentiis, opened up about balancing her life with 6-month-old daughter, Jade, and her career,

    “[I am trying to find a balance] Between not giving up everything that I used to do, and not missing out on anything that my daughter does,” she said. “When you have children, everything changes. A lot of women know, you learn as you go through it.”

    Giada says that her food is inspired by her lifestyle and since having baby Jade, her recipes are even shorter than before. Giada is set to host a new show on the Food Network called Giada at Home, and she also has a new book coming out entitled Giada’s Kitchen.

    As for making her own baby food…Jade only began eating solids a week ago,

    “So, it’ll be a couple years before I understand what she likes and doesn’t like, and she’s got to get some teeth, too. She’s missing teeth and hair. I’m hoping for both of those in the near future.”

    Giada is married to fashion designer, Todd Thompson, and they reside in Los Angeles.


    Photo: Jason LaVeris / People

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    SJP & James Off To School

    SJP & James Off To School

    Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted shopping at her local market after taking her 5 1/2-year-old son, James, to school.

    Photos: MARIO MAGNANI/

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