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Laura Dern & Molly Shannon

Lauramolly_2 4/5/07: Celebrity moms Laura Dern (left) and Molly Shannon at the premiere of their film "Year of the Dog." Laura & husband Ben Harper have 2 children: Ellery (5) and Jaya (2). Molly & husband Fritz have 2 children: Stella (3) and Nolan (2).

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Isla Fisher with Jeff Daniels

Isla_fisher Rumors continue to swirl regarding Isla (pronounced Eye-Lah) Fisher’s possible pregnancy. No official word if the actress is pregnant with her first child- the father is reportedly Sasha Baron Cohen aka Borat. Here she is on 3/26/07 sporting a bump with actor Jeff Daniels at the premiere of their film "The Lookout." Jeff is married with 3 children.

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Look Who’s Turning 10 This Year!


The Boniello sextuplets, from left, Sophia, Sabrina, Gerard, Stella, Olivia and Trifon each cut one of six personalized cakes during a ceremony celebrating their 10th birthday at Stony Brook University Thursday, April 5, 2007 in Stony Brook, N.Y. The Boniello sextuplets, children of Beverly and Rocco Boniello, were born at Stony Brook University Hospital March 24, 1997. At the time of their birth, the Boniello sextuplets were only the third known set of sextuplets to survive in the U.S. and only the 10th to survive in the world.

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We all know of the McCaughey septuplets! They turn 10 yrs old this November! Can you believe it has been that long? For an interview & pictures of the 9 yr. olds go to:  Septuplets 9th Birthday

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Ray, Tim & John


3/31/07: Celebrity Dads Ray Liotta (L), Tim Allen, and John Travolta on a German television show. Ray Liotta has one daughter Karsen (8)- mom is Michelle Grace. Tim Allen and ex-wife Laura Diebel have one daughter Kady (18). John Travolta & wife Kelly Preston have 2 children: Jett (15) and Ella Bleu (7). The handsome threesome can currently be seen in the movie "Wild Hogs."


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Rod Stewart with son Alastair


Rocker dad Rod Stewart & fiancee Penny Lancaster with 16 mos. old son Alastair.

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Celebrity Babylon – used with permission

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Courteney Cox & Coco



Courteney Cox-Arquette and daughter Coco 2 1/2 at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. Dad is actor David Arquette.

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