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Rachel Weisz thinks it’s ok to Drink While Pregnant


While Rachel Weisz was promoting  her latest movie The Fountain she made a comment that she may wish she could take back. The 35-year-old, who recently gave birth to her first child, said she thought it was "fine" for expectant mothers to have a glass of wine after the first three months.

Her comments, were immediately criticised by medical experts who described them as “ill-informed” and “dangerous”.

The Government is currently reviewing guidelines on drinking alcohol when pregnant after experts warned that even very small amounts could result in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome which can lead to learning difficulties, poor co-ordination and attention deficit disorder.

Current UK guidelines say pregnant women can drink one or two units, the equivalent to one or two small glasses of wine or single measures of spirit, once or twice a week.

In the US and Canada complete abstinence from drinking is advised for expectant mothers.

Last night foetal alcohol syndrome specialist Dr Raja Mukherjee, of St George’s Hospital Medical School in London, said: “If Rachel Weisz has drunk during her pregnancy and the baby is fine then that’s just pure luck. The problem is that you don’t know who is at risk and who is not…

Miss Weisz, who won an Oscar last year for her role in The Constant Gardener made her comments in an interview in New York to publicise the film, in which she appears with actor Hugh Jackman.

Asked whether she thought a glass of wine was fine she replied: “Personally I do. They say not in the first three months though, but I think that after that it’s fine. I mean in Europe they drink it”.

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Brad & Angelina visit an Orphanage

Bradang In Touch Weekly reports that Brad and Angelina may be planning to adopt a child in India when they visited an orphanage in Pune on Friday.

The couple apparently  spent over an hour playing with children at the Bharatiya Samaj Seva Kendra family adoption centre and gave loads of toys to the excited kids.

Roxana Kalyanvala, the orphanage’s executive director, tells In Touch exclusively: “Brad and Angelina were lovely and genuinely adore kids. Every move and every look of the couple was filled with love for our children and we were floored with their genuine affection.”

While Angelina kissed and hugged the children, Brad got down on the floor with them, rolling on the ground and entertaining them. “He was like a kid himself,” says Aruna Thake, a child development worker at the center.

The couple gave the children toys that included dolls, stuffed animals and games. “It was great excitement not only for our kids but for our staff as well,” Kalyanvala says.


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Gavin Shops for Kingston


Hot dad Gavin Rossdale picked out some cool tee’s for baby Kingston.  TMZ reports that Gavin was spotted in  An Earnest Cut and Sew boutique, where he purchased three Droopy Knickers baby t-shirts that had "Gimme," "It Wasn’t Me," and "I Live for Cars and Girls" written across them.

tees $28


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Gwen’s new Stroller


Wow, Gwen Stefani has struck gold! She has been spotted in London pushing Kingston in this  gold stroller by cult British brand Mamas and Papas. Ziko Gold is a limited edition-Can you believe only 10 were made! P "Diddy" already purchased one.

If you must have one it is available exclusively  in the UK, at a mere $860.  Apparently  Gwen may produce her own stroller line for L.A.M.B. so we’ll have to wait and see!


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Tom Holds Suri


Terrible picture, I know but TomKat arrived in Rome by private jet today.  Tom is pictured holding Suri in red.  It’s going to be that kind of week (TomKat) The paparazzi are going to be swarming them.


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TomKat at the Games




Tom and Katie manage to fit in Tom’s son Connor’s football game, and daughter Isabella’s soccer game before heading off to Rome to prepare for their big wedding weekend.

Tom Cruise is pulling out all the stops for his top-of-the-line nuptials, and has reportedly booked the 15th century castle Odescalchi outside of Rome for the event; Giorgio Armani is designing the clothes; and now the buzz in Italy is that famed tenor Andrea Bocelli has agreed to sing at the wedding.

We’ll see what happens, they look relaxed and happy…not a bundle of nerves like I would be.

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