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1/11/07 Rachel Weisz


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Al Pacino & daughter Olivia


Al has never been married, but he has three children. Julie Marie is his daughter with acting coach Jan Tarrant. The twins, Anton and Olivia, are with his ex-girlfriend Beverly D’Angelo.

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Vivi O’Donnell


How cute is this pic? Rosie O’Donnell’s daughter Vivi in the sink after having some art time. Thanks to Rosie for the pic!

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Gwen & Kingston


1/18/07: Gwen & Kingston. He is such an adorable baby!

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Maria’s Annual Woman’s Conference


1/12/07: Maria Shriver on the Tyra Banks Show. The topic was "Empowering Woman" and Maria’s annual woman’s conference.   Maria Shriver

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Jenna Elfman

Hrdc_429794 Hrdc_429792

1/11/07: Jenna Elfman “bump” Jenna & husband Bodhi are expecting their first baby- due date not known.

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