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Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

  • Orbit Infant System in Mocha/Khaki – $900
  • Orbit Bassinet in Mocha/Khaki – $240
  • Both also come in Black/Slate

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    Tori Spelling: “We Have Loved Going Green!”

    Mom of two, Tori Spelling, took time out from her busy schedule and talked to Tasty Baby about going green, getting back into shape, everyday challenges and more. Here’s some highlights from the interview:

    On her second pregnancy with Stella Doreen (born June 9): “Actually the 2nd pregnancy was a little harder on me physically. Mainly because I’m a workaholic and didn’t take a day off. I worked till 2 days before I gave birth. And, also because I have a 15 month old who just learned to walk. Chasing him around has been a lot. But, other than that I enjoyed being pregnant. It again was an amazing experience.”

    On going green with Liam: “When we had babies we tried really hard to do the research on environmentally friendly products and switch over for their health. We have loved Going Green! And, whenever possible we make sure Liam eats organic. Its important to us.”

    On more children in the future: “Creating life and family with your soulmate is an amazing experience and the ultimate fulfillment. We are blessed with 2 healthy beautiful babies. If its in the cards, we would love to have more. The family we’ve created is everything to us!”

    To find out Tori’s advice for getting back into shape after giving birth, click on over Tasty Baby

    Source: Tasty Baby

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    Will Smith & Sons @ 2008 Teen Choice Awards

    Source : Flynet

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      Princess Tiaamii’s First Birthday

      “Princess has four wardrobes and a hundred pairs of shoes!”

      Jordan, whose TV chat show is not working out, appeared very skinny a couple of days ago and is said to be starving herself and only eating apples and crushed ice because she’s so stressed about it.

      Source : Ok!

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      Kelly Ripa & Son Michael Fly To The Moon

      “Oh, it was so much fun,” the daytime diva, 37, told OK! at the premiere of Fly Me To The Moon at The Regal Union Square in NYC on Thursday. “To hear my little boy as such a little boy — before his voice has gotten so much deeper — was great.”

      Fly me to the moon is about 3 houseflies who board the Apollo 11 Flight to the moon. Kelly and Michael both lend their voices to the project.

      Source: OK!

      Photo : Flynet, April 15

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      Alessandra Ambrosio Welcomes Anja!

      Source : Yahoo! News France

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