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Suri Cruise & Ella Stiller Have Playdates

Ben Stiller’s wife, Christine Taylor, spoke last night at a ceremony in New York held by the Museum of the Moving Image to honor her husband about how her 6-year-old daughter Ella loves to play with 2 1/2-year-old Suri Cruise, because she gets to play the “older sister.”

“We’ve had a couple of play dates, and they’re just like any other play dates,” said Christine. “[Suri’s] amazing, [Tom and Katie Holmes] are terrific. When little kids get together you just let them do their thing and there’s no outside elements, you know what I mean. It’s always just a great thing to see your kids connecting and you see the different stages. Ella used to always be the one looking up to the older girls and now she’s kind of taken on that kind of big girl role.”

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Ava Jackman Waits For Daddy

Ava Jackman Waits For Daddy

Three-year-old Ava Jackman – with a pretty flower in her hair – waits patiently near her home for dad Hugh Jackman to return from the US. Hugh has been here doing the press tour for his new epic film Australia, which co-stars Nicole Kidman and comes out November 26. (Hugh made it home later in the day.)

Ava’s mom is Hugh’s wife Debbora-Lee Furness, and she has a big brother, Oscar, 8. Hugh has just purchased a 12-room, 11,000-square-foot triplex apartment in New York City. Hugh had originally been renting a room in the building, and managed to talk the owners down from the $40 million asking price to $21 million.

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Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!


  • Jacob rides in a Peg Perego Uno Stroller in Green Bubbles – on sale! for $431.99
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      Angelina Jolie: ‘Brad Has Always Been There For Me’

      Angelina Jolie sometimes really does seem to have it all – a loving partner, a happy family, a successful career, and two jobs that she loves doing – being an actress, and being an activist. But even she didn’t expect it, Angelina says in an interview with the Australian Herald Sun,

      “This is such a beautiful time for me. When I look back on my life, I never really believed that I would find this kind of happiness on so many different levels. I think I trained myself to expect less, but meeting Brad and being with him has shown me that sometimes it just takes the right circumstances for you to meet a good man who enjoys being with you and working towards the same goals in life. Brad has always been there for me.”

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      On the role in Changeling being hard for her: “It was difficult because the idea of one’s son being kidnapped is one of the worst things any parent can imagine. The loss of a child and not knowing where they are or what is happening to them is probably the absolute worst thing in the world. As a mother, it was harder for me imagining that somebody was abusing my child while they were wondering why mummy wasn’t coming to save them. What made it particularly troubling for me to put myself into this woman’s head was my own relationship with my son Maddox. I just couldn’t shake the thought of him through the whole film.”

      Why Maddox in particular: “Because Maddox is my eldest and also because he says things that are similar to what the boy in the film says. I also talk to Maddox the same way I talk to the little boy. So when Brad and I saw the movie we noticed strange similarities, especially when the boy says: “Am I too heavy?” Mad says that all the time. And I tell him: “Oh, never! But one day you’re going to carry me!”

      On how she handles being a working mom: “I have a big, wonderful family and I get to travel and be creative with my films and that’s tremendously rewarding and satisfying. I’ve always loved being an actor and the ability to tell stories and express emotions and making a connection with audiences. The publicity that comes with that is a reality of the business and it’s only the paparazzi that is really a bother sometimes when Brad and I are with our children.”

      On how she stays positive: “By doing the things which are important and meaningful to you and not worrying about the rest. How can I complain about anything when I wake up in the morning and I’m surrounded by so much love with Brad and our children and the feeling that comes from sharing my life with them?”

      On if having twins made things more complicated: “It’s a little more stressful in terms of your time because you have two very tiny babies wanting your attention. But it’s also so beautiful to be part of that. Once you have three or four children, having a few more isn’t going to alter your lifestyle that much. Brad and I have found a way to organise our time with the children and so we stick to that. It’s also a fascinating new experience for me to have twins and look after them and have the other children seem so curious about them. A family is a social unit in its own way and watching the children interact is part of your role as a mother.”

      On if Brad was happy to have twins: “He’s just so happy and having twins is something neither of us ever expected and I think that makes it all the more special for us both. When I see how much love is in Brad’s eyes for the twins and for all our children — it’s a very moving experience for me. I never wanted to become pregnant and have children that way unless I had come to know Brad and see how loving he was with Maddox and Pax. So that was a big step for me.”

      On how they are integrating the twins into their family: “It’s a matter of indulging the curiosity of the other children and making them feel part of the whole process. Things like helping prepare bottles or changing diapers or doing little things that help me. It all works. Kids are great at adapting.”

      On how she’s teaching her kids about religion and culture: “I want to teach them about all religions, and I’m trying to find a way to do that. And when it comes to the subject of adoption, like when my daughter, who’s African, wants her hair to look straight like mummy’s . . . and I look for a Barbie that’s African, and the African Barbie has straight hair! And you know, why has Disney never made a film with an African-American princess?”

      Angelina just made a $200,000 donation to UNHCR’s work in Kenya, earmarking $50,000 of it to build a new school for girls at the camp.

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      Minnie Driver Wants A Sibling For Henry

      Minnie Driver has been a mom for just two months, but PEOPLE reports that she’s already thinking about adding to her family. “I’d have another one,” Minnie told Ellen DeGeneres on her show that will air on Friday. Minnie gave birth to her son, Henry, in September. “It only kicks in after you have really forgotten [labor]. I’ve only just managed to look at the pictures of the birth,” Minnie said. “I only looked at a few pictures and they do make you kind of go, ‘Owwww! Ouch!’, but then I look at him. I want another one of them.” The 38-year-old actress who has refused to name the baby’s father, says that her first-born is very well-behaved: “Very easy,” she said. “He sleeps and smiles as far as I can make out.”

      Henry, who weighed in at 9lbs. 12 oz. at birth, was too big for his Halloween Pumpkin costume. “On the back there was just this huge triangle where his diaper showed because we couldn’t close it,” Minnie said. Ellen gave Minnie a couple of different-sized onesies to fit Henry. Both items said: “I may be BIG but my Mom is Minnie.”

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      Pregnant Jenna Jameson In Las Vegas

      Pregnant Jenna Jameson In Las Vegas

      Pregnant Jenna Jameson was seen leaving the Las Vegas airport in a wheelchair and later checking into the Hard Rock Hotel. The 34-year-old ex porn star and Tito Ortiz, a mixed martial artist and former UFC champion, are expecting twins in early 2009.

      In January 2008, Jenna announced that she is retiring from pornographic performances. Previous to her retirement, the Italian-American was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2004. Though surgery successfully removed the cancer, she miscarried shortly after the diagnosis. She was unable to get pregnant again, even after in vitro fertilization.

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