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Meg & Daisy


Meg Ryan with daughter Daisy True ,2, in Hawaii.  Meg has a 15 yr. old son Jack Henry. Dad is actor Dennis Quaid. Another photo in the extended post!

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Milo Gets a New Coloring Book!

Livnewyork001 Colorbook_cover

Lovely Liv Tyler pushes son Milo,2, in New York.

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Katie Holmes


Mom Katie Holmes has the same haircut as her one-year-old daughter Suri! What do you think about Katie’s new look?


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Harry Connick Jr. and Sara Kate


What a sweet picture! Harry Connick Jr.’s daughter Sara Kate, 9 1/2, looks on as actress Angela Lansbury gives an interview at the Tony’s last Sunday. What a stunning young lady. Harry & wife Jill Goodacre have 2 more daughters: Georgia, 11, and Charlotte, 5. (We can see a slight glimpse of Georgia in the photo).

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Cindy Crawford

Cindy1 Cindy2

Beautiful supermodel-mom Cindy Crawford in June 2007 Ocean Drive magazine. Cindy and husband Rande Gerber have 2 children: Presley (7) and Kaia (5).

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Cindy Crawford in June 2007 Ocean Drive

Cindy_cover_2 Supermodel-mom Cindy Crawford talks about Fame, Family, and work in the June 2007 issue of Ocean Drive magazine. Crawford admits she has other priorities these days and "makes decisions for different reasons now." She goes on to say "I have kids now, and from a business point of view I have to make sure it’s in line with the message I’m putting out there with other projects." Cindy and husband Rande Gerber are parents to Presley, 7, and Kaia, 5, and live in Malibu. On the paparazzi “If anything, they don’t like having their picture taken… Part of it is that there have been a few frightening experiences with paparazzi, with someone jumping out of a bush while we’re walking into preschool. They know that people know me, but they don’t think it’s strange that I’m on a magazine or on TV. They don’t have the grasp yet that it’s anything unusual." Cindy on balancing family & career life “It’s definitely nice to be in a place in which I can be clear about what I want and don’t want. I feel like I’m a present mom and wife, and at the same time I get a lot of personal fulfillment from the work that I do. You know, I actually didn’t enjoy modeling as much as I do now; back then I didn’t have the confidence because I was always judging myself against everyone else and thinking, When are they going to figure out I’m just this girl from Illinois? But now I love trying different things, because I feel much more like myself.”

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