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Britney is Back Home


Britney is back in her hometown of Louisiana, and is photographed at a restaurant with Sean Preston, 14-months.  He has really grown up, look at his hair!

She seems kind of sad in the picture of her smoking.


Sean Preston sports Gap Track Sneakers $14.99


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Britney Gets Makeover with her Babies


Britney Spears was in her Manhattan hotel room, getting her hair lightened on Nov 6  from brown to blond by celebrity colorist Rita Hazan when makeup artist Ramy arrived. Both of her sons, Sean Preston, 1, and Jayden James, 2 months, were with her.  No one had any idea of the singer would announce her split from Federline just one day later.

"She was very engaging with the baby, the older one," Ramy says. "She had a lot going on. She seemed very busy."

Spears was "happy and fun and normal," Hazan says. "She didn’t even have a mirror in front of her. She said to me, ‘Make me look beautiful.’ "

"She didn’t seem like the happiest person in the world but didn’t seem terribly preoccupied, either. She was all business. We talked about Tom Cruise and how long he waited before he showed his baby (to the world)."

Spears, of course, was revamping her look from frumpy to foxy with a svelte new bod, tight black clothes and cropped hair. Ramy marveled at how thin she looked barely two months after giving birth.

"She looked awesome. She certainly didn’t look like a woman who just had a baby," he says.

Says Hazan: "She was going for a new image, to brighten her up and make her look hot and sexy and young."

As for her makeover, "she was going for a sleek new look," Ramy says. "I blonded up her eyebrows, and my focus was on perfecting her skin. I was going for pretty. I always feel she lines too heavily under her eyes."

Both Hazan and Ramy say Spears was hands-off and let them do their jobs with no interference. When Hazan finally showed Spears her new lighter tresses, the singer screamed out: " ‘I’m back! I love it, I love it, I love it.’ She kept saying that over and over again," Hazan says. "She’s growing up, is more mature and wants to feel good. She’s getting into shape. It’s a whole awakening."


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Cindy Crawford Furious Over Kaia Photoshoot Controversy


Supermodel Cindy Crawford is reportedly furious that people are making her daughter’s swimsuit shots into a sordid affair. Crawford came under fire from critics who labelled photos, in which her then four-year-old daughter Kaia posed for swimsuit shots, inappropriate.

The supermodel, however, is not amused with what people are saying, and has lashed out at them, insisting that people should think carefully before calling a four-year-olds’ pictures “topless”.

"My friend has a swimwear line and she makes little girls’ suits, so she had a bunch of her friends bring their daughters over and we did a little photo shoot, for a look book on their website. I was there and it was so innocent. Kaia’s wearing shorts and she is posed peeking back over her shoulder. Some blog site called it a topless photo. I can’t see how can you even call a four-year-old being topless!” Contactmusic quoted her, as saying.

"She’s a little girl, there wasn’t makeup involved or pageantry, it was truly just like little girls playing," Crawford insisted.

And now the incident has left such a bad taste in Crawford and hubby Rande Gerber’s mouths that they’ve decided not to let their daughter pose for any more pictures.

“I will put it this way, they just had the shoot again and she didn’t do it this time. More because my husband was like, ‘Why do we want to put ourselves in that situation?’ It’s too bad, because one of my best girlfriends shot the pictures this time and she knows Kaia and it would have been great and I would have gotten great family photos," Crawford added.


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Kate Winslet Wants More Kids

KwinsletI happen to love Kate Winslet, she recently tells InStyle in its December issue that she wants more kids.  Winslet is already mom to Mia, 6, and Joe, 3, and is quoted as saying, "I don’t whether one or two. Oh, God, I would love to have more."

"Mia said to me the other day in the car, ‘Mum, I really love your cooking,’ " Winslet says. "To me it was a sort of incredibly triumphant moment, the fact that she observed that I do cook their meals."

She adds, "It’s great when the mum can be the person who represents all of those nurturing things for her kids. My mum was certainly that for me."

Winslet likes cooking the kids’ favorites: salmon for Mia and lamb for Joe. "It makes me sound like a domestic freak," she says, "but I care very much about my kids’ nutrition."

She also hopes to instill a non-materialistic sensibility in her childen. At Christmas, she says, she tells friends and family not to go overboard with gifts. "I have to phone people and say, ‘Please, books and pens only, or mittens and hats.’ "

She seems so grounded in such a crazy hollywood world!


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Rachel Weisz thinks it’s ok to Drink While Pregnant


While Rachel Weisz was promoting  her latest movie The Fountain she made a comment that she may wish she could take back. The 35-year-old, who recently gave birth to her first child, said she thought it was "fine" for expectant mothers to have a glass of wine after the first three months.

Her comments, were immediately criticised by medical experts who described them as “ill-informed” and “dangerous”.

The Government is currently reviewing guidelines on drinking alcohol when pregnant after experts warned that even very small amounts could result in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome which can lead to learning difficulties, poor co-ordination and attention deficit disorder.

Current UK guidelines say pregnant women can drink one or two units, the equivalent to one or two small glasses of wine or single measures of spirit, once or twice a week.

In the US and Canada complete abstinence from drinking is advised for expectant mothers.

Last night foetal alcohol syndrome specialist Dr Raja Mukherjee, of St George’s Hospital Medical School in London, said: “If Rachel Weisz has drunk during her pregnancy and the baby is fine then that’s just pure luck. The problem is that you don’t know who is at risk and who is not…

Miss Weisz, who won an Oscar last year for her role in The Constant Gardener made her comments in an interview in New York to publicise the film, in which she appears with actor Hugh Jackman.

Asked whether she thought a glass of wine was fine she replied: “Personally I do. They say not in the first three months though, but I think that after that it’s fine. I mean in Europe they drink it”.

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Brad & Angelina visit an Orphanage

Bradang In Touch Weekly reports that Brad and Angelina may be planning to adopt a child in India when they visited an orphanage in Pune on Friday.

The couple apparently  spent over an hour playing with children at the Bharatiya Samaj Seva Kendra family adoption centre and gave loads of toys to the excited kids.

Roxana Kalyanvala, the orphanage’s executive director, tells In Touch exclusively: “Brad and Angelina were lovely and genuinely adore kids. Every move and every look of the couple was filled with love for our children and we were floored with their genuine affection.”

While Angelina kissed and hugged the children, Brad got down on the floor with them, rolling on the ground and entertaining them. “He was like a kid himself,” says Aruna Thake, a child development worker at the center.

The couple gave the children toys that included dolls, stuffed animals and games. “It was great excitement not only for our kids but for our staff as well,” Kalyanvala says.


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