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Holly talks about Autism

HollyActress Holly Robinson Peete and retired NFL player Rodney Peete have 4 children. They have 9-year-old twins Ryan Elizabeth & Rodney Jr., 4 yr. old son Robinson, and 2-year-old son Roman. The couple has been married for 12 yrs. The marriage had to endure Rodney being "gone half the year for training & regular season play." Their son Rodney Jr. was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3. Holly says that learning about the Autism was "the most devasting moment of her life." What made it more devasting was that husband Rodney & her mother resisted the diagnosis. "I knew we had to roll up our sleeves and not go into denial. With Autism, early intervention is important. We had to get those therapies going." Holly goes on to say "You really find out who your friends are. When your kid is struggling at 4, being disruptive, and he stops getting invited to parties and playdates, it hurts." Holly admits to her own period of brief denial. The experience of raising autistic child has been educational for the whole family. Holly can be seen in a new ABC pilot this fall titled Football Wives. She says the show is "good for her family values." She is excited to be getting back to work.

May 2007 Essence Magazine

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Nicole Richie Pregnant?

00020585_nicolerichie200Well known Nicole Richie has announced to close confidantes that she is pregnant!! Could this be true? Nicole has just admitted herself in rehabilitation to treat her drug abuse (Vicoden a painkiller and Soma, a muscle relaxer) and her eating disorder known as Anorexia. Nicole has now withered down to a fearful 85lbs!!! According to insider, Nicole went into rehab after a pregnancy test came back positive. This must have been some news to her current boyfriend Joel Madden. According to insider Joel stated “that if she didn’t go into rehab and get healthy for the baby’s sake, he would dump her and never look back.” Nicole is now out of rehab and continuing her therapy through outpatient visits to the Doctor. Insider also states “Nicole’s immediate goal is to stay sober and get strong, and she’s praying everything stays on an even keel with boyfriend, Joel Madden”.

National Enquirer June 11, 2007 p. 37

By News Contributor Jen C.

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Heidi, Leni & Henry


6/1/07: Heidi Klum, with Leni (3) and Henry (20 mos.), strolling in the West Village. Heidi and husband Seal have another son Johan (6 mos.) who is not pictured, but was there in another stroller.


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Jenny McCarthy


Jenny McCarthy on the May/June 2007 cover of Weight Watchers magazine.  Jenny and ex-husband John Asher have one son Evan Joseph (5).

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Jenny McCarthy on losing the baby weight

Scan0014wtmk_2 Jenny chats with Weight Watchers magazine on losing the baby fat, her divorce, and Hollywood standards. Jenny gained nearly 60 lbs. with her pregnancy. After the baby she tried the personal trainer.. but wasn’t losing the weight. One day while on the phone sobbing to her mother… who had just lost a lot of weight on WW program.. Jenny decided to go to a meeting. "Other member’s recognized me, but that didn’t matter. We cheered one another on." Jenny goes on to talk about being "overweight" by Hollywood standards. She didn’t fit into designer "sample sizes." She states "I look good. It takes a secure person to know a sample size is not a real-person size."

Jenny, also, chats with WW about her divorce. She says her 7 yr. marriage "was 6 yrs. too long." The divorce was the "best thing I ever did."

Jenny & her sister have joined together to support one another. She recommends joining WW with someone to encourage you along the way. Lastly she says "If you really knew me you’d know that I’d root you on while you were losing.. some people might think I’m too much of a Hollywood girl to be that kind of friend."

May/June 2007 Weight Watchers magazine

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