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Will & Jada

Smith_2 3/20/07:  One of my favorites Will Smith gives his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith a kiss. What a great photo! This couple has been married almost 10 yrs! Will has a son Trey (15) from a previous marriage, and the couple has Jaden (9) and Willow (almost 7).

Fashion Wire Daily Photo

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Geri Halliwell


3/22/07: Celebrity mum Geri Halliwell.  Geri has one daughter Bluebell Madonna (10 mos.)- father is Sacha Gervasi.

denden forums

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Bridget’s Car Sevice


Bridget Moynahan on 3/22/07  in NYC.  Bridget is 5 mos. pregnant- father is Tom Brady.


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Guess Who?

Gw324 Any idea who this celebrity dad is?

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Celebrity Baby News: Latest dish


Pair stay mum on baby rumours

Britney Spears Gets Post-Rehab Time With Kids, Kevin

Anna Nicole said to have died of sepsis and toxic high dose of sleeping medication

Photographers Sue celebrity mom’s Denise Richards, Pamela Anderson

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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s post-baby gift!

TorideanAccording to the National Enquirer Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott plan on celebrating Liam’s arrival on 3/13/07 by getting plastic surgery together.

A Source close to the couple says:
“Tori and Dean are marching in to get Botox injections. She’ll also have her lips plumped with Restylane. While Tori usually gets injections every two months, she put them on hold after she got pregnant. But the last time she went in, she took Dean along for some Botox and made a convert out of him.”

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