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RUMOR: Is Janet Jackson Pregnant?


Perez Hilton has speculated that there may be a chance that Janet Jackson is preggers.  Is that the reason why she cancelled her previously planned concert tour?  We’ll have to wait and see.

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Kevin thinks Britney is a Bad Mother

Federlline Kevin Federline filed for sole custody of his two young children, which seems like a bold move considering his lifestyle.  He seems to feel that Britney is a bad mother.  Remember when she drove with Sean Preston on her lap?  Or when she was cruising in her convertible with his car seat facing the wrong way?  Unfortunately those incidents did happen, but I think they could happen to anyone.  I think Federline is crazy, another publicity stunt perhaps.

The former dancer countersued Spears one day after she filed for divorce, asking for sole physical and legal custody of children Sean Preston, 14 months and Jayden James, 2 months.

Federline may use Spears’ series of very public parenting mishaps against her, including an incident earlier this year where she drove with Sean Preston on her lap and another where she had him in his car safety seat facing the wrong way.

According to Federline’s attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan, "Kevin feels he is a great parent and acting solely in the best interest of his children. He’s not doing this for the money.

"Kevin is prepared to go the distance in order to protect and safeguard the children and will not be dissuaded or intimidated from the pursuit of these goals."

Federline also has two children with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson, Kori, 4, and Kaleb, 2.

According to Jackson, she doesn’t receive any child support from Federline, but he does pay for the children’s private school costs.

Spears’ grandfather, June Austin Spears has lashed out at Federline telling Star magazine, "Why didn’t he try and get custody of his other kids?

"It’s because that other woman doesn’t have money, and Britney has money."


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Heidi Klum Due any Day



A stylish Heidi Klum was out to lunch at The Ivy with only one week to go before her official due date of Nov. 24th. Heidi is mom to Leni, 2 and Henry 13-months.


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Isabella and Connor Cruise


Tom Cruise’s adopted children Isabella, 13, and Connor, 11, in formal attire for Thursday’s dinner party.  We are so used to seeing them in their team uniforms, they look great!


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Suri Cruise out with Mom & Dad in Rome





Wow! They all look so happy…Suri is beautiful!


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Latest Dish “Link Time”


Tom & Katie are leaving their hotel in Rome today…Let’s see what else is going on today:

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