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Anna Friel & Family Shop In LA

Anna Friel & Family Shop In LA

Source : Pacific Coast News

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Jen & Violet Are Shopping Girls

Jen & Violet Are Shopping Girls

Source : Bauer Griffin / Pacific Coast News

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Max Is Christina’s Little Sunshine

Max Is Christina's Little Sunshine

Source : Bauer Griffin

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    David Spade Is A Dad!

    Actor David Spade, 45, has confirmed that he is the biological father of a baby girl, born to Playboy Playmate Jillian Grace last week, on August 26, in Missouri.

    “David and Jillian have been in close contact throughout her pregnancy and he plans to go see the baby during his first break from shooting Rules of Engagement.”

    This is the first child for David and Jillian. No other details were provided at this time.

    Source: People

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    Christina Aguilera: Max Is “Amazing”

    New mom to 7-month-old Max, Christina Aguilera, recently told ET about her new fragrance Inspire and the joys of motherhood.

    Christina, who was at Macy’s in New York for the launch of her new scent, says the fragrance is much like her upcoming album, “modern” and has a “high-fashion twist.” The scent has elements of fresia, gardenia and tuberose.

    When asked about baby Max, Christina proudly stated that he is “amazing” and that she and hubby Jordan Bratman plan to add to their family in the future, but for now she’s focusing on work,

    “He [Max] just lights up my whole world every day with his laughs and his smiles,” she gushed.

    Source: ET

    Photo: Splash, Sept. 1

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    Brooke Burke On Transitions & Strollers

    Brooke Burke recently blogged about the transition of getting her kids back into the school schedule. The upcoming cast member of Dancing With the Stars also asks readers for their opinions on good strollers:

    Summer is over and I know lots of us are going through that tough transition of getting our kids back on the school schedule. Neriah and Sierra love the extra late summer nights, but now its time to get serious about early bed time. Elementary kids need 10 hours of sleep, no buts about it. I just read some great sleep tips on one of my favorite sites, (sleep tip section). I know how hard sleep deprivation is on me, imagine how it affects our kids? Btw, I would love some feedback on strollers. I have used the Bugaboo for years, but I am looking for a light, convenient, compact stroller that doesn’t take up the entire back of my truck. I just got the JOOVY Sit and Stand for Rain and Shaya. Rain can sit facing me, while Shaya rides forward, or Rain can stand and face forward as well. I love it. – Brooke

    Source: Baboosh Baby

    Photo:, May 19

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