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Amy Poehler & Will Arnett Welcome Son Archie

Amy Poehler & Will Arnett Welcome Son Archie

Amy Poehler and husband Will Arnett have welcomed a baby boy, son Archie Arnett. Archie was born in New York City and weighed 8 lbs., 1 oz., their rep Lewis Kay said in a statement.

“Amy, Will and Archie are all healthy and resting comfortably,” Kay said.

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TMZ is reporting that SNL star Amy Poehler was in labor all day today and just welcomed a baby boy. Dad is husband and former costar Will Arnett.

We’ll keep you updated!

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UK Celeb Baby Gear: Get The Look!

Bugaboo Bee Stroller – £354.99

Let your little one travel in style in this designer buggy like Lola Momoa

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Madonna: “I See Myself In My Daughter”

She and husband Guy Ritchie recently announced they were divorcing after almost eight years.

Juggling a career and motherhood,

“If I think, oh I have to do a show tonight, first I have to take care of my kids, make the coffee, do my yoga practice and make sure everything is running smoothly in my house, and then I do that job. It’s all part of everyday life. I don’t separate one from the other.”

Continue reading to hear her comments on daughter Lourdes and how Rocco is like dad Guy Ritchie

Seeing herself in her children,

“Yes, definitely. I see myself in my daughter a lot. [Laughs] Oh yes. She’s a bit of an exhibitionist, she loves to perform and dress up. She’s a ballet dancer, she’s obsessed with dancing and I was too when I was little. It’s just funny that’s what she’s interested in. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a ballerina too. I think it’s just in her molecular structure. She’s very dramatic and very expressive and I see myself in her a lot.”

Rocco being a mini-me of dad Guy Ritchie,

“[Smiles fondly] Yes, they are. He’s a very funny clown. He’s got an incredible sense of humour.”

Photo: WORKUM/

Source: OK! Magazine, Issue 646, 28 October 2008, Pg 77-81

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Latest Dish

    Louise Redknapp: “Charley Can’t Wait To Meet His Baby Brother”

    “I keep saying to him, ‘Only a few more weeks,’ but a week seems like ages when you’re four.”

    Keeping him involved,

    “Earlier this month, Jamie was playing golf in Scotland and I went up to watch. I spoke to Charley by phone and the first thing he asked was, ‘You’re not having the baby, are you?’ If I’m not there, he thinks I’m off giving birth, even though we’ve promised him that we will all go to the hospital together and that he will be the first person besides me and Jamie to see his new brother.

    “He’s bursting with excitement, which is lovely,” Louise says. “The birth means a lot to Charley, which is why we’re involving him as much as possible. On the day, my mum will come with us to the hospital and sit with Charley. That way, as soon as I come out of theatre he’ll be there. I don’t want him to think he’s missed anything – we’d never hear the end of it . . .”

    Continue reading for Louise’s plans for Christmas and how her mum is helping out

    Louise’s parents living nearby,

    “It means Jamie and I get to spend time alone as a couple, which I think is really important. Mum picks up Charley from school if I’m working and he stays over at least once a week. I’ve been saying to her, “You’ll have to get bunk beds now.’”

    Looking forward to Christmas with their new son,

    “I’m so looking forward to it,” says Louise. “As we’ll have a tiny baby, I think everyone will come to us and because my mum and Jamie’s mum are so great, I know I won’t have to lift a finger.”

    “I must admit, I do want the baby out now. I’ve had nausea all the way through this pregnancy and with a four year old, too, I can’t just grab three hours sleep in the afternoon like I did when I was expecting Charley.”

    Her pregnancy and plans for the future,

    “This baby’s been kicking like crazy. We’ve definitely got a lively one on our hands.”

    “My bump is really low. I’ve got a feeling I might just get up one night and go, ‘Whoa!’”

    “Right now, our priority is our boys – holding our new baby, knowing he’s well and seeing Charley’s face when he finally gets to meet his new brother. I can’t wait for that moment.”

    Hello! Magazine, Issue 1044, 28 October 2008, Pg 136

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    Happy 8th Birthday Iris Law!

    Name: Iris Law

    Birthday: 25 October 2000

    Parents: Jude Law & Sadie Frost

    Siblings: Half-brother Finn, 18, and brothers Rafferty, 12, and Rudy, six,

    Facts about her:

    • Iris was rushed to hospital when she was two years old after swallowing half an ecstasy tablet she found on the floor at a children’s party held in a London nightclub – there were no health implications

    • It is thought Iris has a key role in upcoming film, Mrs. Olsen

    Jude on Iris (when she was five),

    “We go indoor rock-climbing. My little girl, who is five, can climb up to 110 feet. It’s amazing. She’s fearless”

    Visit here to see more of Iris

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    Philip Seymour Hoffman Welcomes Third Child

    Update: Baby’s name is Willa!

    Award-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman and wife Mimi O’Donnell welcomed their third child – a daughter – last weekend. Philip, 41, and Mimi are already parents to son Cooper, five, and Tallulah, two next month. Philip said to a reporter from New York magazine,

    “I’m a little out of my head. I had a baby two days ago. A little girl. Dad duties. Everyday life stuff is pretty overwhelming.”


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