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Melanie Griffith & Dakota


Melanie Griffith, 49, has some girl time with her daughter Dakota Mayi, 17, dad is Don Johnson. She has two different children from two different marriages: Alexander Griffith Bauer, 19 (dad is Steven Bauer), and Stella Banderas, 10, dad is current and 4th husband Antonio Banderas.

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John Heder likes to change diapers-really!

Jon_heder180John Heder, 29 was ready for fatherhood, “I think I was basically prepared for everything,” Heder, tells PEOPLE.

When it comes to daiper duty he jumps right into it, “I didn’t realize changing diapers was going to be as fun. That was actually the thing I was most apprehensive about, but now it’s like, ‘Let’s change a diaper! I hope she’s made a doodoo, so I can just change it.’ ”

John and his wife, Kirsten, welcomed their first child, daughter Evan Jane, in May.

According to John, Evan Jane loves getting her diaper changed: “She’s always awake and happy and playful when she gets a diaper change,” Heder said.


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Borat baby due this winter

Capted4aefe9592343ee82c83dda80e69abSacha Baron Cohen, 35, and his longtime girlfriend, Australian actress Isla Fisher, 31, are expecting their first child together this winter, a source close to them confirms.

The couple is pictured at Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles, where Fisher was seen often rubbing her belly.

Backstage, a friend loudly exclaimed, “congratulations on the baby!” Cohen excitedly answered: “Thank you!”


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Justin Chambers & family


Grey’s Anatomy star Justin Chambers on Sunday with his wife, Keisha (not pictured) and their five children, Isabella (white t-shirt), twins Maya and Kaila (red t-shirt and blue Paul Frank t-shirt), Eva (black t-shirt) and Jackson (grey t-shirt). After church they came across a Cat and Dog Rescue pet stand, where the family adopted a small dog.

Jennifer Buhl,

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Pregnant Samla Hayek


A very pregnant Salma Hayek at the First Star Celebration for Children’s Rights, June 02, 2007. She is expecting her first baby this summer with fiance Francois-Henri.


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Denise Richards & girls


Denise Richards in Malibu, CA. with her two daughters, Sam, 3, and Lola Rose, 2.

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