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Pete Sampras & Family Have A Coffee Break

Pete Sampras & Family Have A Coffee Break

Tennis legend Pete Sampras leaves Starbucks with his wife, actress and former Miss Teen USA Bridgette Wilson, and their two boys, Christian, 6, and Ryan, 3.

The 37-year-old former World No. 1 tennis player says he’s focusing on being a full time father now.

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Christian Bale Only Has Eyes For Emmaline

Actor Christian Bale swooped up his 3 1/2- year-old daughter Emmaline and gave her a big kiss while out in Santa Monica on Sunday.

Bale, 35, made a public apology while on L.A.’s KROQ on Feb. 7th for the infamous rant in which he berated a crew member on the set of Terminator Salvation.


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Update: Kelis & Nas Expecting A Baby

Update: Kelis & Nas Expecting A Baby

Update: Rapper Nas happily confirmed to MTV at the Grammy Awards that he and wife Kelis are expecting their first child together saying, “Yeah, man, I find out what it’s gonna be next week, so I’m happy, I got another one coming in ’09, yeah! That’s what’s up!”

The baby will join Nas’ 15-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

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Us Weekly reports that Milkshake singer Kelis, 29, and her husband, rapper Nas, 35, are expecting their first child together.

A source close to the couple says Kelis is in her first trimester and already has a little baby bump. “It’s all they are talking about. She is carrying hip-hop royalty! They are so excited.”

The couple were wed in a small ceremony in Atlanta in January 2005.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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    Jessica Alba Covers Elle Magazine

    Jessica Alba graces the cover of Elle magazine in the March 2009 issue. Inside she opens up about about labor, adjusting to motherhood, her slimming secret, and separation anxiety. Here’s a sampling:

    On giving birth: “Contractions aren’t that bad. If you’ve ever had bad cramps? That’s what they’re like. But that moment when they put the baby on your chest – that’s deep. It’s a deep experience.”

    On getting back into shape so quickly after giving birth: “I did it for the Campari job. [The workouts] were horrible. I cried. And I haven’t worked out since.”

    Find out how Jessica slimmed down after giving birth…

    On her secret to looking slim after giving birth: “I wore a girdle. Eight weeks after my girlfriend had her baby, you could see her six-pack. She told me to put an elastic band around my waist – any kind of band or girdle works. She was like, “I slept in it.” I didn’t recover as fast as she did. I don’t have a six-pack – that’s just not my body at all.”

    On naming her daughter Honor: “It’s weird; your name can really shape who you are. When I was born, my name was supposed to be Farrah Dawn. My mother looked like Farrah Fawcett, so she thought her daughter would, too. When I came out dark, my father had to scratch it off the birth certificate.”

    On being away from Honor:” This is the first time I’ve been away from her. It’s been six days. It sucks; it’s the worst thing ever. But we Skype, so I can see her on video. The worst is when you can see her little chubby hands grab the screen, and I’m not there. [She pauses, her eyes welling up, then laughs as she wipes the tears away.] That’s a new thing—I never cried before. Just being a mother is making me a big, weepy mess.”

    On having an exotic look: “Anyone who’s part of pop culture is going to be sensationalized and spun into something, some one-liner. Also, there aren’t many other stars, besides Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez, who most people in the world can related to. We look like people of the world – I can kind of mix in with girls in Asia, South America, Europe.”

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    Leni & Daddy’s Day Out

    Seal and his 4 1/2-year-old daughter Leni spent some quality time together at the movies over the weekend.

    Leni’s biological father is Flavio Briatore, however, the Italian mogul is not a part of Leni’s life. Mom, Heidi Klum, has publicly stated that “Seal is Leni’s father.”

    Seal recently stated that he accepted Leni as his own from the very beginning: “A month into our relationship, she told me she was pregnant, but was no longer with the father. I told her it didn’t change the way I felt about her. Apart from being my wife, she’s also my best friend.”

    Seal and Heidi are also parents to 3-year-old Henry and 2-year-old Johan.

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    The Arquette Cousins Hit The Grove

    The Arquette Cousins Hit The Grove

    Patricia Arquette took daughter, Harlow (who is just shy of her sixth birthday), and 4-year-old niece, Coco, to The Grove shopping center for a fun afternoon.

    Coco, the daughter of Courteney Cox and David Arquette, carried a small basket with an Easter bunny in it as she walked around with her cousin and auntie.

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