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Minnie Driver: “I’m Old-Fashioned”

Minnie Driver, 38, wants to be surprised when she gives birth to her first child in August – calling herself “old-fashioned”.

“Women for thousands of years have not found out,” she says. “I couldn’t base something that was so auspicious and beautiful of that moment, and take away the surprise for home décor.”

Just like anyone else that wants to be surprised, friends and family can’t stop guessing.

“They say you lose your sweet tooth, which apparently means it’s a boy, but I’m convinced the baby is a girl,” says Driver. “I’ve kind of lost my sweet tooth, but my mum is like, ‘No, you’re fat like I was, and I only had girls.’ She meant thick in my waist!”

Early in her pregnancy, Minnie said she craved olives and it seems her “green” cravings have continued,

“I’ve been addicted to green foods,” she says. “Green apples are probably the highest priority on my list. They are my complete obsession. I have a refrigerator full of them.”

Source: People

Photo: Flynet

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Jen, Ben & Violet Get Some Park Time

Jen, Ben & Violet Get Some Park Time

Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck and their daughter Violet , 2, were spotted at a Brentwood park today. Reports just surfaced that Jen is 3 months pregnant with their second child and from the looks of these pictures, it seems to be true!

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Celeb Baby Gear – Get the Look!

  • No Added Sugar Black/Cream Stripe Baby Trousers – £14.40 at the UK official site or $32 at a US store
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      Camila & Levi Are Back At Home

      Matthew’s Mom, Kay, arrived Thursday to join them, and a close friend said her family would also be staying with the couple to help with the baby. The proud Grandma told PEOPLE that her son “is like over the moon”, and that he was Camila’s biggest cheerleader in the delivery room.

      Source : People

      Photo : Splash, May 12

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      Lynne Spears Talks About Jamie Lynn & Maddie

      Lynne Spears recently sat down with OK! magazine to discuss the birth of her third grandchild, Maddie Briann. Lynne credits Jamie Lynn for being very mature and responsible, regardless of the fact that she’s only 17 years-old.

      On how Jamie Lynn has handled the pregnancy: “She’s been totally responsible. She is an old soul and very wise at such a young age.”

      On her biggest concerns for Jamie Lynn as she approached her due date: “We have a history of difficult labors, and I didn’t want her to be terrified and never want to have another baby because mine were traumatic. I really worried about that, but my goodness, she just flew right on through it.”

      On the first moment she saw Jamie Lynn, Maddie and Casey together: “Oh, my god. That is one of your most precious moments ever. Just that sight. It is indescribable.”

      On what her grandchildren call her: “I started out being Nonnie, but it turned into Me-Ma.”

      On what kind of mom Jamie Lynn is going to be: “A very good mom. She’s warm and nurturing. And the most fun time will be when she’s the soccer mom, the carpool mom. That was the most fun I had as a mother.”

      On her plans to babysite Baby Maddie: “It’s too soon for that yet with an itty-bitty baby, but I’ll go over as often as she wants and help with the dishes or the laundry. I’m always ready for my phone call.”

      Source: OK!

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      Celine & Rene-Charles In Monaco

      Celine & Rene-Charles In Monaco

      Source : Bauer Griffin

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