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Happy 1st Birthday Everly Bear!

Name: Everly Bear Kiedis

Birthday: 02 October 2007

Parents: Anthony Kiedis & Heather Christie

Siblings: None

Fun facts:

• Everly was named after The Everly Brothers

• His parents split in June this year

Anthony on Everly,

“Being a father is different, it’s much different,” Kiedis says. “I sleep when I can, but he’s letting me off pretty easy so far. He’s a very calm and peaceful kid.”

Visit here to see more of Everly

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Melissa Joan Hart Regrets Not Having An Epidural

Actress and mom, Melissa Joan Hart, somewhat regrets not going with an epidural during the birth of her second son Braydon,

I told my mom and my husband, don’t let me have [the drugs],” she told at the Celebration of Babies to benefit March of Dimes in L.A. Saturday. “I kinda regret that one,” she revealed. “But the thing is, the healing was so much faster,” the 32-year-old explained. “I didn’t have to get the drugs out of my system and was moving around a lot more.”

All in all, Melissa says that having a natural birth has motivated her,

“I labored at home for 9 hours and then went to the hospital for an hour and a half – two pushes and he was out. When you’re feeling all that, you want to get that out as soon as possible, so you really work. You’re like, ‘I’m gonna push really hard but I’m only doing it once.'”

In addition to 6-month-old Braydon, Melissa and husband Mark Wilkerson are parents to 2 1/2-year-old Mason.

Source: Us Magazine

Photo: Pacific Coast News, June 16

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Julianna Margulies & Kieran Go For A Stroll

Julianna Margulies takes her 8-month-old son, Kieran, for a stroll through the West Village.

Photo: Bauer-Griffin

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    Sandra Bernhard & Daughter @ Kaballah Center

    Sandra Bernhard & Daughter @ Kaballah Center

    Sandra Bernhard and her 10-year-old daughter, Cicely Yasin Bernhard, were spotted at the Kaballah Center in NYC. I love Cicely’s gorgeous red hair!!

    Photos: Flynet

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    Mary-Louise Parker Wants Son To Be Like Co-Star

    Weeds star Mary-Louise Parker hopes that her 4-year-old son William, whose dad is Billy Crudop, will be like her on-screen son, 21-year-old Hunter Parrish.

    “Hunter is friendly and positive, Hunter wants harmony. I want my son to be like Hunter. He’s just good, and it’s not fake or artificial.”

    Parker, who also has a daughter, Ash, has welcomed Hunter into her off-screen family, even inviting him to spend annual holidays at her home,

    “He’s a part of my life. We text each other. He spent Thanksgiving at my house, he comes every year. My daughter goes to the set, and the first thing she says on set is ‘Hunter’. She’s looking for Hunter.”

    Source: Contactmusic

    Photo: Pacific Coast News

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    Charlotte Church, Bump & Baby Ruby Go Shopping!

    Singer Charlotte Church took her 13-month-old daughter Ruby Megan shopping earlier this week and showed off her growing baby bump. Charlotte, 22, and boyfriend Gavin Henson expect their second child in January.

    Visit here to see photos

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