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Celebrity moms enjoy a ‘Day of Indulgence’

Bridget Moynahan, Jennifer Garner, and Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, were just a sampling of the celebrities at Jennifer Klein’s ‘Day of Indulgence’ party this past Sunday.

I love the picture of Bridget and Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, comparing bellies! Can’t really compare though, because Garcelle is expecting twins (boys due this fall.)

To update my post from earlier Ok-Where is this Moynahan-Brady baby?

Celebrity Baby Blog reports that Bridget’s due date was actually last Friday, the 10th. Ok, so we’re right on track…first babies tend to be late.

Photos can be viewed here.

In Style via sarah102383 @jjb

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Evening Dish


Britney Wears Purple Panties

Angelina And Brad To Adopt Another Child Soon

The latest bad Hollywood mom is… Kate Hudson

Harpoon? Speargun? Anyone?

Travis Barker And The Kids Go Out For Dessert

Could Adrianne Curry be pregnant?

Photo via Just Jared

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Christina Aguilera goes to dinner with her family

Pregnant Christina Aguilera goes out to eat with her family. She is pictured with her younger half-brother Michael. Also them were her parents, Jim and Shelly Kearns (behind them.)




Mr_fp_144482wtmk Mr_fp_144477wtmk


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Teri Hatcher & Emerson at Disneyland

Teri Hatcher and daughter Emerson, 9, are always having a blast, they were spotted at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., on Sunday.



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Ok-Where is this Moynahan-Brady baby?

I know some of you are checking in to see if Bridget Moynahan has had her baby yet, while others could care less. Regardless, Moynahan’s due date still remains a mystery, a spokesman for camp Bridget, told reporters in July that she is due in a “a couple of months.” The math just doesn’t add up, plus that would have her due in September.

When Bridget was on the Martha Stewart Show, she said she was starting her fifth month at the beginning of April. So that would make the baby due sometime this month-by the looks of her I believe she is.

On another note, Tom started dating Gisele Bundchen back in December, so if this baby is born in September, Tom has some explaining to do! I’m getting confused, this is too much math for me!

In our recent poll 69% of you voted that Bridget would have her baby by this past Sunday, we’ll keep watching.



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Hollywood gossip hits my little town!

I don’t know how I missed this one, but I did. It’s kind of old news now, and probably just a rumor, but I’ll tell you guys anyway because it relates to where I live. The Daily Mail reported that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie cancelled a family holiday, to Lake Mohawk, New Jersey, because of work commitments. A source told The Daily Mail, “Angie is really upset and has demanded that Brad cuts back on his work schedule.” Well then how come they’re in Chicago enjoying museums, while Angelina films Wanted? This article was only from 8/7/07.

Another quote from the article says, “There’s a lot of tension between them. They were meant to be going away as a family and had spoken about teaching the kids to fish and sail.”

Wow, that would be pretty cool if it were true, but I seriously doubt it, although it’s not the first time Brad Pitt rumors have hit Lake Mohawk. If interested you can read this article from our local paper here.


The Daily Mail

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