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Julianne, Bart & Kids at Circus

Moore1 Moore2 Moore3

Julianne Moore, Bart Freundlich and kids backstage at the Circus.  Happy Birthday to Liv who turned 5 on 4/11/07!

Thanks to LaLa

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Katie “Jordan” Price with Peter Andre


Katie "Jordan" Price- she is due with her third baby summer ’07. Katie has 2 other children: Harvey (4)- father Dwight Yorke and Junior (18 mos.)- father Peter Andre (pictured). The couple is not finding out the sex of this baby. "We plan to have three more kids, so hopefully one of them will be a girl."

Flynet via A Socialite’s Life – image used with permission.

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Pocket Snails

Company_logo The Pocket Snails series is designed to elevate the learning experience of preschool children (2-5 year olds) by using imaginative stories and a creative range of learning techniques.

Children are fascinated by the adorable characters, bright colors, upbeat and original child-friendly music, and the magical concept of three special snails living in a boy’s pocket, helping him learn about his world in a fun and enchanting way. Winner of over 20 national awards, the series’ distinctive, humorous and innovative approach to preschool learning is a hit with young children, parents and teachers.

  "Pocket Snails Letter Adventure" introduces children to the letters of the alphabet through a fun and humorous storyline featuring the fun loving cartoon snail characters. Designed to appeal to little 3boxesgroupwhitebkgnd ears with bouncy, happy music and positive themes, the songs are sung and presented by the three lovable snails, Gordon, Dale and Buttons; the stars of the Pocket Snails series.

Pic2_4 The CD won Toy of the Year Award 2005 from Creative Child Magazine and is currently being used in select Gymboree Play and Music classes across the USA. A new Pocket Snails DVD is currently in production and is slated for release this summer.

**enter code "SCOOP15" into the coupon box at checkout to receive 15% off the entire order**

Visit Pocket Snails today!


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Nancy O’Dell is expecting a girl!

16745_2Nancy O’Dell revealed yesterday that she and and husband Keith Zubchevich are expecting a girl.

“Every time I feel my baby girl moving in my belly, I think of how absolutely amazing the whole process of creating a little life is, so we know we are blessed and would have been happy with either gender. However, since we have our two wonderful boys, it will be fun to ‘add sugar, spice, and everything nice’ to the mix,” Nancy beamed. “Plus, I will get to braid my little girl’s hair…my stepsons won’t let me do that to theirs!”

Nancy is due in the Summer’07, this is the couples first baby together. Keith has two sons; Tyler, 11 and Carson, 7 from a previous marriage.

Source-access hollywood

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Hopper & Dylan Penn at LAX

Hopperpenndylanpennseanpennjust jared has some great photo’s the Penn family landing at LAX airport-Sean & Robin Penn with daughter Dylan Penn, 15, and son Hopper Penn, 13. This is a family that we definitely don’t get to see often.

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Isla Fisher & David Arquette


David Arquette and friend, Isla Fisher at David’s film premier The Tripper. Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers) continues to fuel rumours she is expecting a baby with Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen. There have been many reports going around and when Fisher was asked if she was expecting, she replied, “I’m not denying it.”

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