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Gwen & Gavin Celebrate Their 6th Anniversary

Gwen & Gavin Celebrate Their 6th Anniversary

New parents to baby Zuma, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale stepped out to celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary on Sunday night at Osteria Mozza Italian restaurant. The power-couple exited the restaurant holding hands. Gwen was sporting a necklace with the initials of her sons’ first names, Z and K. Gwen looks great, as usual!

Source: Pacific Coast News

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Tom Cruise Talks About Love For His Children

Tom Cruise has three children, biological daughter Suri, 2, and adopted daughter Isabella 15, and son Connor, 13. Tom insists that he does not treat his adopted children any different than his biological, and feels the same way about all three.

“My adopted children are my own children. There is no separation in that for me whatsoever. There’s no way there is any difference and anyone who has adopted would say the same. I’ve been up in the middle of the night changing diapers, there’s no question in terms of me being the father, that bond couldn’t be any stronger.”

Wife Katie Holmes is Suri’s mom, while ex-wife Nicole Kidman is Connor and Isabella’s mother.

Source: Metro News via

Photo: Bauer-Griffen

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Date Night For Rebecca Romijn & Jerry O’Connell

Date Night For Rebecca Romijn & Jerry O'Connell

Pregnant actress Rebecca Romijn and her husband actor Jerry O’Connell are pictured leaving a formal party in Los Angeles Saturday night. Rebecca, who looks fabulous is due with twin girls in January.

Photos: Flynet

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    Pregnant Jennifer Garner Looks Radiant

    Pregnant Jennifer Garner Looks Radiant

    Pregnant actress Jennifer Garner looks radiant as she walks to a house party in Beverly Hills on Sunday.

    Photos: Flynet

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    A Hollywood Playdate!

    A Hollywood Playdate!

    Amanda Peet and daughter Frances Pen, 18 months, joined Jason Bateman’s wife, Amanda Anka and her daughter Francesca Nora, 23 months, for a playdate at a park in LA over the weekend.

    Photos: Splash

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    Will Young: “I’d Love To Be A Parent One Day”

    Gay marriage making adoption easier,

    “I would love to be a parent one day. Obviously it won’t be happening soon because I am still single. But having a family and bringing up children is something I have thought about a lot recently.

    “Gay marriage and civil partnership is a great thing. It means more rights for same-sex couples.

    “It is safer and there are relationships now that provide a perfect set-up for bringing up children.”

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    His plans for the future,

    “I have just had the most amazing holiday at Simon Fuller’s place in France and I was in a reflective mood.

    “I was thinking about the future and the idea of bringing up a child and helping them through life is something that appeals to me hugely.”

    Looking after his niece and nephew,

    “I took my niece and my nephew on an open-top tour bus recently and I absolutely love their company.

    “You cannot patronise kids — they are so sharp.

    “My niece was drawing pictures with me and she had drawn one of me that she wasn’t happy with.

    “She said, ‘William, this is you. Something about it isn’t quite right. Let me see.’ I had long hair, then she drew a skirt on me. She is so young but astute enough to pick up on that. It was brilliant.”

    How kids are getting bad press at the moment,

    “I despair about how kids get such a hard time. Everything you hear is so negative. There are problems now but sometimes I find myself getting really angry because we never hear the success stories.

    “There are brilliant children out there doing wonderful things. They deserve to be applauded and recognised.

    “Stabbings, knife and gun crime are getting out of hand but we need to pay more attention to the achievements of the majority of young people who do well.”

    Photo: Bauer Griffin

    Source: The Sun

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