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Claudia Schiffer takes a stroll


Claudia Schiffer, 36 takes her kids for walk, son Casper is 3 1/2 , and daughter Clementine just turned 2.


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Sylvester Stallone & Family


Sylvester Stallone, 60, (wow!) at the world premiere of Rocky Balboa with his wife Jennifer Flavin, 38, and their three daughters. Sophia Rose, 10, Sistine Rose, 8 and Scarlet Rose , 4. They are an adorable family!  I love the middle name Rose, it also belongs to my daughter Abigail.

Rocky2 Rocky3

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Sofia Coppola’s baby daughter Romy


Romy pictured with Grandfather Francis Ford Coppola.



Sofia is walking Romy with with Francis andher parents out in Paris (where Sofia and Thomas live) Romy is 2 weeks old.


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Stunning Jennifer Garner in Elle Magazine






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Angelina: Happy to be with Brad and a bunch of screaming kids!


Angelina Jolie speaks to Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America and denies pregnancy rumors, but says that another child isn’t out of the question.

For the video click here

Each week, gossip magazines say another child is on the way for Jolie and Pitt.

Jolie told Diane Sawyer in a "Good Morning America" interview that was simply not true.

"I shouldn’t have been drinking wine then last night," she said with a laugh. "No, we’re not. I’m on the pill."

Jolie says that while having another biological child with Pitt is a possibility, it is more likely they would adopt another child first.

"I even think that I did make it clear that we, we would think about adopting next, which is important for me in the balance of how — in our own family, our kids perceive it," Jolie said.

"I want Madd to know that as our family grew and we all came together, we didn’t just start having children, biological children," she said.

"You know, that, that yes, we have Shiloh and it’s been a wonderful experience, but we want to find another brother or sister in the world for our family."

Jolie makes it clear that she and Pitt are not just randomly putting together a "rainbow family" with children from all over the world.

"You know, now the questions are more when you have a mixed-race family, do you balance the races so there’s another African person in the house for Z? So there’s another Asian person in the house for Madd? Shiloh has Brad and I she can look at," Jolie said.

"You know, these are the questions we’re more asking. What’s best for the children as they grow? … We don’t just want to have different children from different countries. That’s not the point. So we’re learning."


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Latest Dish: Kennedy Kids


Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, and her kids were spotted in the Upper West Side in NYC.  Sighting of her children are very rare. She is pictured with two of her three children — John, 13, and Tatiana, 16. John seems like quite a jokster, he also has the Kennedy "good looks". Tatiana looks just like her mother!

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