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Naomi Watts’ Coffee Mishap

Naomi Watts' Coffee Mishap

A very pregnant Naomi Watts accompanied a friend who was walking her dog. The pair stopped for a hot drink at a local coffee shop which Naomi later spilled when she struggled to find her keys.

Naomi, her partner Liev Schreiber and their 1-year-old son, Alexander ‘Sasha’, are often seen strolling the streets of NYC.


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Ellen DeGeneres Is Thinking Babies – But Not Now!

Ellen DeGeneres spoke to AOL TV about the possiblity of having kids, saying that all the commercials she sees lately makes her think about them!

“When I see those print ads that have the babies in them for Gap, maybe that’s cute that you have a little Gap knit sweater on the head, little Gap outfit,” she tells AOL TV. “They advertise kids very well, those Gap ads. I don’t even look at the clothes — I just go, ‘That’s a cute baby, I’ll take that one.’ “

Still, she said, for her and wife Portia di Rossi, kids are not coming anytime soon.

“I think that is one of the things about not being able to just accidentally get pregnant and have a child,” she explains. “You really, really have to want one, whether it’s trying to figure out how you get pregnant or if you adopt. I think that’s even more of a reason that people that aren’t able to have kids should be allowed to adopt because you have to really want a kid, and that’s a big responsibility,” she says. “So we are not taking it lightly. We would really think about it before we did it.”


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Michael Sheen: Custody Arrangement Is ‘Informal’

Michael Sheen: Custody Arrangement Is 'Informal'

Michael Sheen, dad to 9-year-old daughter Lily with ex Kate Beckinsale, spoke to OK! magazine about how their custody arrangement works,

“It’s very relaxed and informal. We don’t work anything out too much. It’s up to Lily a lot of the time. When she gets bored of me, she goes to Kate, and when she gets bored of Kate, she comes to me.”

He also talked about what Lily is into right now,

“She’s rehearsing Mamma Mia! in her drama class,” he says. “She’s very excited about that.”

But he doesn’t want her to follow in her parents’ footsteps and become an actress.

“I hope she’s going to be a writer,” Michael says. “She’s a very good writer.”

Photo: Johns PkI/Splash News

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    Pete Wentz: Bronx Is A ‘Happy Accident’

    Pete Wentz: Bronx Is A 'Happy Accident'

    Pete Wentz is in this month’s issue of Details magazine, and he revealed to the magazine that while son Bronx, born two weeks ago, was not planned, Pete is glad he’s here,

    “It was a happy accident. But I think that certain things happen for a reason in your life, and maybe it was time to put the wild child in a cage.”

    He also spoke about wife Ashlee, who he married in May of this year,

    “I realized I’d found my soul mate, and it made me want to be a better person,” he says. “Now, with the baby, I want to be the best dad I can be.”

    Photo: Gaz Shirley/, 10/05

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    Mel C Looks Pretty In Blue

    Mel C Looks Pretty In Blue

    Spice Girl star Melanie Chisholm (a.k.a. Mel C) was spotted leaving the Coliseum in a cute blue dress, showing off her gorgeous baby bump.

    Melanie has been spotted sticking to her exercise regime throughout her pregnancy, living up to her nickname, Sporty Spice.

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    Jennifer & Violet Head Off To School

    Jennifer & Violet Head Off To School

    Pregnant Jennifer Garner drops her 3-year-old daughter Violet off at school on Thursday.

    Jennifer and her hubby Ben Affleck are expecting their second child this winter. They have not announced the due date, but she must be due any day now?!

    Photos: Flynet

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