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Jennifer Garner & Violet Out In A Snowstorm

Jennifer Garner & Violet Out In A Snowstorm

That’s the beauty of living in NYC, you can still get out in a snowstorm. Jennifer Garner is pictured yesterday with daughter Violet, walking to a local coffee shop for breakfast. Jennifer is using a Baby Jogger City Series stroller in the jet black color.

We had the same snowstorm yesterday-the kids had another snowday. This morning they have a delayed opening beacause of the ice.


Thanks Estelle

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Bridget Moynahan Visits The Gym

Bridget Moynahan Visits The Gym

Actress Bridget Moynahan, 37, stays fit by visiting the gym in Brentwood, CA, looking very happy. Bridget is a new mom to 3-month old John Moynahan, dad is her ex Tom Brady.


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Katie Holmes On Her Marriage To Tom Cruise: “It Gets Better And Better.”

PEOPLE has snippets of Katie Holmes’ interview, from the January issue of In Style Magazine. Holmes, 28, talks about the love of her life Tom Cruise, 45, and her 19-month old daughter Suri. She really looks fantastic on the cover, I remember seeing candid photos of her the day she had the In Style interview-and I thought she looked very pretty.

On her whirlwind romance

“It happened quickly, but I was certain it was what I wanted. I never felt overwhelmed. I thought, Okay, good. Here we go… When you fall in love, it’s as though time stops. It’s all-encompassing… I try every day to let him know how much I love him… It gets better and better. It has made my life.”

On Tom as her birth coach

“[He was] by my side the whole time. I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive human being. He had the room ready, candles everywhere, pictures in frames. It was very homey and beautiful.”

On daughter Suri, 19 months

“Suri is talking up a storm, running around, so aware. “She loves coloring and creating. She’s a great mimic and dancer. She came to the photo shoot and was all into the shoes.”

On what turns Tom on

“Tom likes me in a suit and a mini every now and then. I like it when he likes it. It makes me blush. He’ll say, ‘You look good. I hope security’s going with you.’ Now that gives me attitude.”

What really matters to Katie

“I want to go to sleep knowing I made my family happy, I made myself happy, and I worked hard in all aspects of life,” she says. “It’s really pretty simple.”

For being so young, she is very mature. She seems to be very happy…and in love. I know some people think it’s a sham, and that he’s a total control freak. I’m not really sure what to think?

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Keri Russell Talks Baby Weight

In an interview with Self, just 3-months after giving birth to River Deary, Keri Russell talks about baby weight, diets and being a new mom:

What was the secret to getting your body back so quickly?

“I stayed really physical during my pregnancy. I stuck to my normal prepregnancy workout, minus the stomach exercises and twisting. I really felt it helped my whole well-being. Ideally, I’d do pilates, usually on the reformer, for an hour every other day. And I walked almost every morning in this hilly park near our apartment.

Have you lost all the baby weight already?

“I think I gained around 25 pounds. I haven’t lost it all, but I feel good about the way I look.”

Have you changed your diet at all?

“It’s hard to sit down and make a perfectly healthy meal with a baby who needs constant attention, so for breakfast, I put him in the sling and walk to the coffee shop, where I get eggs, toast and salad. At home, I just wolf down whatever I can find while he’s sleeping.”

What’s the best change in your life since becoming a mom?

“Being less worried about the way I look.You’re just instantly less self-absorbed. Before I was in the habit of straightening my hair, but now when I have 35 minutes to myself, I want to put it in a bun, and sleep, or go for a walk. There’s no room, no time, no energy for vanity anymore.”

Keri Russell looks amazing, but here is another celebrity mom who still thinks she has baby weight to lose? Where?? I believe that she gained 25 pounds, but it looks like she lost that and more-don’t you think?

To read more of the interview, click here


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Melissa Joan Hart Runs Errands With Mason

Melissa Joan Hart Runs Errands With Mason

Six months pregnant Melissa Joan Hart is spotted out with her toddler son, Mason, 1 1/2. He’s getting so big! Melissa and her husband Mark Wilkerson, are expecting their second child in early March 2008. She looks like most of us do when we’re pregnant, which for some reason makes me feel better.

Did anyone see “Holiday In Handcuffs”, with Mario Lopez and Melissa Joan Hart? It looked like it could be ok, but I missed it.

Pacific Coast News

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