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Jen & Violet Give Us A Dimple Fix!

Jen & Violet Give Us A Dimple Fix!

Jennifer Garner and Violet flashed those famous twin dimples as they went to breakfast in the Pacific Palisades and then stopped off at sporting goods store — notice the little red weights Violet was carrying as they left the store.

Photos: Splash

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Ashlee Bares Some Belly

Ashlee Bares Some Belly

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and husband Pete Wentz were spotted Friday on their way to meet up with Ashlee’s sis Jessica Simpson and her boyfriend NFL star Tony Romo, to have dinner at Chili’s. As usual Pete had some fun joking around with photographers. The latest in the rumor mill is that they may be expecting twins – believe it or not…

Ashlee is due with the couple’s first child this fall.

Photos: Flynet

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Billie Piper Having A Boy?

English actress Billie Piper, who is rumored to be expecting a baby with husband Laurence Fox, has been overheard talking about boys’ names. A source says,

“Billie thinks she is having a boy. She was saying to the crew she needs a list of boys’ names and was laughing about ‘Timmy’. And her cravings are getting out of control. She’s scoffing chocolate croissants, bars of chocolate and hot chocolate.”

Source: The Mirror

Photo: Marie Claire

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    Water Park Fun For Eden & Savannah

    Water Park Fun For Eden & Savannah

    Marcia Cross takes her 15-month old twins Eden (purple & white hat) and Savannah (pink & orange hat) to a park in Santa Monica. Looks like the girls had fun playing in the fountain.

    Photos: Pacific Coast News

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    Crown Prince Frederik & Princess Mary Talk About Family Life

    Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and his wife Princess Mary discussed family life with Hello! Magazine this week. Crown Prince Frederik, 40, and Princess Mary, 36, have two children, Prince Christian, 2, and Princess Isabella, 1.

    On the children’s different personalities:

    M: “Isabella is, on the whole, much more temperamental than Christian, who was an extraordinarily calm baby. But when she smiles, you cannot resist her…”

    F: “No, then you’re like putty!”

    M: “Christian is good at talking. We speak Danish with him most of the time, but he is learning more and more English, from my family and friends. He has it all under control.”

    On their routine:

    M: “In the morning, we make porridge, and all sit around the dining table, Isabella as well, now she is big enough for a high chair. Then we talk and eat, while our dog Ziggy runs in and out. It’s really cosy. When Christian finishes eating, he plays for a while before he needs to get dressed to go to nursery.”

    F: “Weather permitting, I take him there on my bicycle.”

    On preparing for parenthood:

    M: “We did read different books, but I think the most important thing was family and friends. To me, my sisters were a big help, especially during the first months after we had Christian.”

    F: “I also asked my brother about his two boys. It’s good to gather inspiration and then decide yourself. It’s worked well, I think. After putting the kids to bed, Mary and I can sit down with a glass of wine, look each other in the eyes and say, ‘Whew, we’ve made it this far!’”

    On Prince Christian’s future:

    F: “I’ve thought about that a lot, especially before his birth. ‘Stay inside your mother’s belly! You shouldn’t come out into the big, raging world!’”

    M: “We must ensure that he will be so well prepared that he can face all the challenges that will come his way, that he will be a happy little boy and will have the chance to live a life like everybody else, albeit with a difference. He must be proud of who he is.”

    Source: Hello! Magazine – Issue 1025 – June 17 2008 – Pg 38-41

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    Jo O’Meara Introduces Baby Lenny

    Jo O’Meara Introduces Baby Lenny

    Former S Club 7 singer Jo O’Meara introduced her 5-week-old son Lenny in Hello! Magazine this week, he was only two weeks old when the photo-shoot took place. Jo, 29, revealed that her son’s father is Bill Slate, 26, and although the couple split while she was pregnant, he will be involved in the baby’s upbringing.

    Jo had to have a c-section, a week before her due date, under general anesthesia after contracting pre-eclampsia and liver disorder obstetric cholestasis. She had to have a general anesthesia because her body does not respond to local anesthesia.

    On naming her son after her grandfather: “I was very close to my granddad,” she added, “He was the love of my life, really. When I looked at my baby, I thought, ‘I’ve got to call him Lenny because he’s the other love of my life now.’”

    On his father being involved: “I think it’s really important for Lenny to have a father figure. His dad can teach him things that I can’t, and take him to football and do boys’ stuff.”

    On seeing Lenny for the first time: “I was still really groggy and I couldn’t focus,” she added, “My mum, sister and best friend Cindy were at the hospital and they all saw him before I did. I just remember them saying ‘Oh Jo, he’s beautiful.’”

    Source: Hello! Magazine – Issue 1025 – June 17 2008 – Pg 98-101

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