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Kidnapping Plot


Star Magazine is reporting that Tom & Katie Cruises daughter Suri (9mos) may be the target of kidnapping plots. "The world was so obsessed with getting its first peek at Suri, I think Tom and Katie might have decided to keep her under wraps to prevent some wacko from trying to abduct her," a source told Star. Luckily, TomKat has the resources to provide extra security. I would bet that all celeb parents have felt this fear at least once.

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Canada’s Sextuplets


1/6/07 and 1/7/07: A woman has given birth to what is believed to be Canada’s first set of sextuplets (4 boys, 2 girls). The family is requesting privacy, so no names are given. The babies were almost 3 months premature. The parents are Jehovah’s Witnesses, members of a faith that forbids them to accept blood transfusions. No details on the medical care are being released. The hospital issued a brief statement: "While they understand there is a lot of public interest in their babies they are feeling overwhelmed." In the modern era, most multiple births have been attributed to the use of fertility drugs. Without drugs, sextuplets occur only once in several billion births (Dr. Brian Lupton, chief of neo-natal care at B.C. Women’s Hospital).

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Madonna Visits Today & Late Show

Madonna1_1 Madonna_3

1/11/07: Material Mom Madonna visits "Today" with Meredith Viera and the Late Show with David Letterman. She discussed her role in the upcoming movie "Arthur and The Invisibles."

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Jennifer Garner at The Critics Choice Awards 1/12/07



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Will Smith & son Jayden’s cute smooch!


Will Smith and son Jayden, 8 were in Paris along with mom Jada Pinkett — for the Pursuit of Happyness premiere. What an adorable picture!

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Patrick Dempsey & daughter Tallulah


Patrick Dempsey and daughter Tallulah Fyfe, 5. The Dempsey’s are awaiting the arrival of twins due late January early February 2007. P.S. This is an older, but timeless picture taken on the set of Enchanted.

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