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Camryn Manheim on son Milo


Camryn Manheim is currently on the t.v. show "The Ghost Wisperer." Manheim states: "In order to honor single mothers in particular and working mothers all around the world, I have to say, the television industry is particularly compassionate to mothers and children. Milo’s (6) been with me [on set] since he was born." "Milo is now in school, so depending on my schedule, if I can grab him after school, he can come and visit. He has the biggest crush in the world on Jennifer Love Hewitt."

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Patrick Dempsey & Tallulah


Patrick Dempsey takes his 5 year old daughter Tallulah out to buy a bike helmet.

Thanks Sasha

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Adam Sandler with Sadie (7 mos)


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Cindy Crawford & son Presley hit the beach in Hawaii


Cindy Crawford and son Presley, 7 hang out on the beach in Hawaii.

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Mariska & Augusts “ET” caps

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Teri Hatcher & Emerson


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