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Lisa Rinna & Daughters


Lisa Rinna and daughters Amelia Hamlin, 5 and Delilah Hamlin, 8 dress up as pirates to attend the 14th Annual camp Ronald McDonald Halloween Carnival

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Protect A Bub Stroller Inserts

Protectabubusa Summer is long gone, it’s time to prepare for those chilly outings with your little one.  Finally there is a fashion trend that provides warmth, style, and comfort for your baby.  These lambswool stroller inserts by Protect A Bub are a must-have for all babies!  And the best part is they fit all strollers.  Stop struggling with big bulky snowsuits, and keep your baby snug with our favorites:

Snugglebubblackfull1_7 Snuggle your baby in the Snuggle Bub lambswool stroller insert made from 100% Australian lambs wool. Unlike products made from sherpa, an acrylic imitation wool, genuine lambswool keeps your baby comfortable naturally. The Snuggle Bub is like a baby bunting bag that attaches right to your jogger or stroller! And for added protection, the outside of the Snuggle Bub is water resistant. 

The Snuggle Bub stroller insert fits all strollers.  Available sizes: Small (birth to 12 months) and Large (12 months to 4 years) Available colors: Black or Navy with peach skin fabric backing.  Jennifer Garner has one for baby Violet $69.95 small $80 large


The plush Shearling Snuggle Bub is made from a luxurious, silky-soft shearling fleece that is extra thick for comfort and warmth.   Fits sizes Birth – 4 years.  Available colors: Navy or Black $44.95


Little Lamb Lambswool Stroller Liner, is a naturally breathable insulator, that keeps baby warm without overheating.  According to medical studies, lambswool has a soothing, swaddling effect resulting in better sleep and reduced stress.  Used in preemie nurseries to encourage rapid growth and development.  Absorbs moisture in hot weather, leaving baby dry and comfortable.  $44.95

Protect A Bub is offering CelebrityBabyScoop readers 10% off.  Use code CELEB10 at checkout!


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A Very Pregnant Heidi



Model Heidi Klum, 33 has made being pregnant seem so glamorous!  She carries so well…She is on her way to dine with a friend at the exclusive Italian restaurant, Orso.  Heidi is due with baby number three sometime next month.


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Marcia Craves Yogurt


Marcia Cross is caught snacking on some yogurt. She is pregnant with twins and is due sometime in April. She has tried to convince the producers to write in a pregnancy for her character Bree but no luck yet.


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Madonna on Oprah


Madonna’s answers to some tough topics on the Oprah show:

Does Celebrity Affect the adoption process?

"I assure you it doesn’t matter who you are or how much money you have, nothing goes fast in Africa," Madonna says. "There are no adoption laws in Malawi. And I was warned by my social worker that because there were no known laws in Malawi, they were more or less going to have to make them up as we went along. And she did say to me, ‘Pick Ethiopia. Go to Kenya. Don’t go to Malawi because you’re just going to get a hard time.’"

The state of David’s health

"When I met him, he was extremely ill," Madonna says. "He had severe pneumonia, and he could hardly breathe. I was in a state of panic, because I didn’t want to leave him in the orphanage because I knew they didn’t have medication to take care of him. We got permission to take him to a clinic to have a bronchial dilator put on him. … He had pneumonia and was given an injection of antibiotics. He’s still a little bit ill, not completely free of his pneumonia, but he’s much better than he was when we found him."

At home with Lourdes and Rocco

"They just embraced him, and that’s the amazing thing about children," she says. "They don’t ask questions. They’ve never once said, ‘What is he doing here’, or mentioned the difference in his skin color, or questioned his presence in our life. That is an amazing lesson that children do teach us."

Madonna addresses David’s biological father’s recent comments

"Here’s what I knew. David had been living in this orphanage since he was two weeks old," Madonna says. "He had survived malaria and tuberculosis, and no one from his extended family had visited him since the time he arrived. So from my perspective, there was no one looking after David’s welfare."

Once David’s father was located, he initially said he gave his son up for adoption always hoping that someone like Madonna would be able to give him a better life, and agreed to the adoption. Now, according to the press, David’s father is saying he did not fully understand what he was doing when he agreed to let Madonna adopt his son.

"I do not believe that is true. I sat in that room, I looked into that man’s eyes," Madonna says. "I believe that the press is manipulating this information out of him. I believe at this point in time, he’s been terrorized by the media. They have asked him things, repeatedly, and they have put words in his mouth. They have spun a story that is completely false."


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The Stiller Family


Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor took their kids Quinlin 15 months, and Ella Olivia, 4,to the Camp Ronald McDonald for Kids 14th Annual Family Halloween Carnival October 23, 2006 at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. They are adorable!


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