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Diana Krall and Elvis Costello Expecting Twins


Singers Diana Krall and Elvis Costello are expecting twins , Diana Krall tells PEOPLE. "Today I’m at six months," Krall, who is promoting her new album, From This Moment On, said Wednesday. "And you know, I’m having twins! I’m not kidding!" Krall, 41, and Costello, 51, know the sex of their twins – due in December, around the couple’s third anniversary – but they aren’t telling. "We know, and everyone’s been asking me, but we’re keeping that private because we just want to have something for ourselves," Krall said. Krall said she’s genetically disposed to a double delivery: "I have twins on my mother’s side as well."

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Brad, Angelina & Family in Santa Barbara

Brad, Angelina & kids are back in Santa Barbara, California. Check out the pictures on of them cruising around in a white Chevrolet Suburban SUV. There are also some pics of Brad on his motorcycle.

Source: Just Jared

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Double Redheads: Julianne Moore & Daughter


Julianne Moore and her daughter are pictured walking around NY on Wednesday. It looks like they did some shoppping at Yoyamart. Love the hair (I am partial to redheads…I’m married to one) Source: People

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Latest Dish

    Kevin says Britney Craves Chipped Ice

    I don’t know if any of you saw K. Fed on Ellen today. I have to say I clicked on for a minute and he was singing who in their right mind would buy his CD? I did read on People tonight that he told Ellen during the interview that his wifes cravings are “not too bad” compared to a year ago, before the birth of son Sean Preston. He goes on to say “Ice chips all the time”

    He also said he likes being a young father, and swears he doesn’t know the sex of the baby.

    Source: People

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    More Pictures of Suri Cruise



    She is definitely a mix between Tom and Katie. She is gorgeous….And wow did you ever see a head of hair like that? Source: Vanity Fair Magazine Photos October 2006 issue

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    Marcia Cross is Pregnant


    Marcia Cross announced she is pregnant. Marcia is 44 years old, and was married in June.

    Source: Perez Hilton

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