Baby We’re Most Excited To See in 2013?


As we come upon a new year, which celebrity baby are you most excited to see in 2013?

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  • NinaGrace

    I want to see ROCKY JAMES PRINZE, the son of Sarah Michelle Gellar & Freddie Prinze Jr. !!! It’s interesting that you haven’t forgotten about those children who aren’t even born…

  • KiMMi

    ROCKY Prinze of course! How could you have forgotten him!!! We’ve already seen Tennessee BTW!

  • Lucy

    Me too! I want to see Rocky James!!

  • TabithaFan21

    We’ve technically seen the Moyer twins and we have seen TN on more than one occasion. Why wasn’t Magnus Hamilton Miller on the list? He’s the one I want to see the most.

  • SMIley

    hey why did you put tennesse toth name in baby we,re most excited to see in 2013?
    in dailymail website there were his pictures with reese. i also thought that CBS would put those pics but CBS didnot
    i have seen his pictures in two occassions
    here are they

  • Zoe Alexander UK

    We’re looking forward to the royal baby and Kate Middleton’s development during her nine months of pregnancy! We are thrilled the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting and the prospect of twins is very exciting.

  • SMIley

    so this list should include kim and kanye baby too hehehe

  • http://celebritybabyscoop. Judith Cauldwell

    janelle is no celebrity. This is just another way to keep herself on TV, and another baby for her mom to raise. MTV needs to fire her from the show and the other one, with the twins that is pregnant again. What are they teaching young girls? To have babies out of wedlock, to have more than one pregnancy, and not to finish school. I think this show did no good ecxcept for catelyn and her Tyler. THey made the right choice!! They did what was right for their baby, no matter how hard it was. I wish them the best,. The rest of these girls are living in lala land.

  • Gloria

    Not one African American family or baby on the list …. WHY????????? I just do not understand why I have to go to black websites to see my people … there are tons of black celebs who have gorgeous babies… why are they not on this list … Not even Kanye’s baby and that is the most talked about pregnancy to date ( not that I care for kim or kanye)
    Please add some more diversity to this site …

  • Shalie

    I gave birth on the Royal couples wedding day!!!! It was really great to sort of take my nervous attention away while waiting for my c-section procedure. I am most excited for them because of that.

  • gabrielle

    i want to see Kim K and Kanye’s baby !!

  • Madame Joy

    Watching “True Blood” I just can’t go over that the leads fell in love and had babies from meeting on the set. What a crazy experience it must continue to be for them!

  • Frank Burns

    All babies are beautiful at birth and as much as we’d like to view them all, more prominence must be given to a “Royal Birth” because one day, that child may hold onto the “balance of power’. It would also be rewarding for Queen Elizabeth II to view her grandchild during these times. Following_The_Royals :::

  • Manoj

    Well babies are always cute and beautiful !!!! but i vote my favorite Shakira!!!

  • coco

    CBA, we’re now closer to 2014 than to 2012, how about making a new pool?

    • coco

      Gosh, I meant CBS!

  • lala

    rocky james

  • Natural Handcrafted Soap

    I like to vote for all

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