Best Baby Name of 2012?


We’re kicking off our 5th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards!

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  1. Ashley

    Quite surprised at some of the names on there, Miranda Schneider, Micah Lanfer, Willa Dreary have parents far less known in the celebrity world.

    I would rather see on the list
    Camden Jack Cutler – (the first camden and better middle name)
    Pearl Clementine Osborne
    Poppy James Gavigan
    Gloria Ray Sarsagarrd
    Thomas Colton Padalecki

    Better name choices than some you’ve let on that list

  2. Katie

    Yeah, I don’t see how 2 almost identical names – Camden John and Jack get put on opposite lists, both belong on the best. And there are a few on the worst names that should belong on this (Monroe Jackson Rathbone, Rocky James Prinze, Aoife Belle Foden etc.)

  3. Ally

    You should split girls and boys.

  4. simply fab

    I will choose penelope cos she’s d best.


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