Celebrity Most Recommended To Stop Reproducing


Looking back over 2012, which celebrity do you most recommend to stop having children?

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  1. D

    This poll is offensive

  2. Mia

    I don’t like this poll. Who are you to decide??

  3. maryellen

    kelsey grammer. he’s a loser, cheat, liar, egotistical narcissist. period. how can anyone like him raise a good kid. bless the women he’s been with, they should have big halos but instead they have big headaches with KELSEY written all over them.

  4. ashley

    Celebrity baby scoop this poll is very offensive. It shouldnt be on here. You shouldn’t make a poll stating how many kids a person should procreate and when they should stop. Thats very unfair toward these celebrity parents. And I don’t think its right..


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