Worst Dressed Celebrity Mom of 2013


Vote for the worst dressed celebrity mom of 2013.

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  1. Anonymous

    Why isn’t Kim Kardashian on the list?

  2. babylove

    Really? Jennifer Garner is a leader for worst dressed? Why? Because she doesn’t prance around in stripper heels while balancing a baby on her hip like Victoria Beckham? Jen dresses like a normal person taking her kids to school and running errands. Shame on her.

    • mrs. trumbell

      i like the affleck-garners a lot, but let’s be real here: she is the most frumptastic dresser of the bunch.
      yeah, she dresses like an average mom, but uhhh the average mom is NOT well-dressed.

      that said, i agree that the person from that certain reality show should be on here IF we are going to be subjected to coverage of her/her family on this blog. however, i would also be happy if cbscoop quit acknowledging that she draws breath, let alone is “famous”.

      • me

        why do u say the average mom is NOT well dressed?? just bc the average mom isnt a millionaire all of the sudden we’re all frumpy and poorly dressed?? got it

    • Sam

      Best dressed means the most expensive outfit. Jennifer wears jeans from GAP while Alba probably wears her jeans from GUCCI.

  3. youbitches

    jealous biotch!

  4. This must be a mistake, these celebrity Moms are the best dressed I’ve seen.

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