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These 2023 Strategies Increase IG Likes To Boost Popularity

These 2023 Strategies Increase IG Likes To Boost Popularity

Getting more likes on Instagram is key to becoming popular on the social network. Any influencer will agree that likes are one of the integral aspects of success, but they can be difficult to obtain. As a new IG user, the process will be even more difficult because your follower count will initially be small. Certain strategies can help increase the likelihood that you’ll receive more likes on your Instagram posts.

Giving something away and teaming up with influencers can be good strategies, but paying for likes may be a better option.

Giving Something Away

First, you may want to consider giving something away on your Instagram page. People are always eager to get something for free, especially when they’re surfing Instagram. If they see a post offering a freebie or a promotion, they’ll be eager to take advantage of it. Therefore, they’re going to do whatever your Instagram post says, including liking it. The problem here is that you must have something to give to your IG followers. If you don’t, you’ll have to buy something specifically for this marketing strategy.

Piggyback On Other Influencers

If possible, you should attempt to piggyback on other IG influencers. Usually, popular influencers on Instagram have millions of followers. Their post reach is immense meaning millions of people will see what they post. If you can collaborate with an IG influencer, you’ll be able to reach that user’s followers too. Doing so will likely help you get many likes from the influencer’s followers.

Post Compelling Content

Make sure that your IG content is compelling. Instagram users will ignore content that they consider boring, not insightful, or not touching or funny. They want to see genuinely entertaining content on their Instagram feeds. Therefore, posting compelling Instagram content is essential for boosting the likes on your videos and photos. It’ll increase the possibility that people will like the content you’re posting. Put lots of time and effort into your content creation, too. No one will like your posts if the videos or photos are difficult to watch or see.

Create Good Captions

While your Instagram content is vital, you cannot ignore the importance of your IG captions. They should identify the type of content you post, so others can find it (and like it) by searching on the platform. With thorough captions, your Instagram followers will spend time enjoying your content and then hitting the like button.

Perfect A Meme

Memes are immensely popular on IG and other social networks. You’ll notice that many of these posts are shared and liked by millions of Instagram users, with some copying the meme and others creating their own. If you’re creative, creating memes is a great way to attract likes and followers for your Instagram posts and account. Otherwise, you should at least revise a meme you’ve found elsewhere before claiming it as your own.

Buying Likes

The best option to grow your Instagram like count is to purchase likes for your recent videos and photos. That seems obvious at first, but there’s a bigger reason besides the obvious one.

So much content is posted to Instagram that most of it is never seen by a large audience because the system’s algorithms assign most of the available exposure to posts and accounts that are already popular. If you want to grow your IG presence, you need some of that audience so new people can watch your videos, like them, and follow you.

Buying likes helps accomplish that goal. When the algorithms see that your posts have lots of likes (that you’ve purchased), they’ll show your content to many more random users. That allows you to earn hundreds or thousands of organic likes for your posts and significantly boost your IG popularity and importance.

Your purchased likes arrive virtually immediately, and there’s nothing else for you to do as long as you keep posting compelling content. It’s simple and surprisingly inexpensive.

One caution, though. Be sure you only buy from a trustworthy service that sells “real” likes from real Insta users. The “fake” likes that many websites sell are ignored by Instagram because they’re not connected to real accounts. Your content’s exposure won’t increase – and you could find yourself banned from Instagram for violating the app’s rules.


IG likes are a necessity when it comes to social media presence. Growing likes for posts and videos is not as easy as it sounds. Try as you may, your effort may not pay off which is why users are buying Instagram likes. The process requires minimal effort, a small amount of money, and the results are remarkable.

Purchasing IG likes can easily attract attention as well as boost the popularity of any type of content. Cheap IG likes are accounts created by real people.

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